July 27th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, the energy this morning is just slightly less active than yesterday yet lots can still be achieved. Remember this is the second half of the year and it is very different to the first half, time has slowed down once again which mean we can get a lot of stuff done.


It is important for us to clear our physical lives as well as our emotional and mental lives over the next few months. It is time to get organised but in a more flowing and less rigid way than before.


I feel the energy of clarity around but also inspiration, now this can hit us in a variety of unexpected ways. You have to allow this energy to flow and follow where it leads, if you try to contain inspiration it all goes a little bit strange. Soothe your mind and especially your ego as they will try to dampen inspiration and tell you to stop being so stupid or fanciful….do not let them be your jailers, there is an amazing world out there if you just look within.


The energy of nostalgia is strong and this is something to be stepped out of, unless it triggers you, which it will and in that case use it as a processing opportunity. If you still don’t have a processing technique that works for you I highly suggest you get one. There is a great deal of work to be done unravelling the conditioning and perspective of the old paradigm, if you are truly to live in the new paradigm, although it is a choice not an automatic right. Free will allows you to embrace it or turn away from it. Processing is not easy…if it was everyone would be doing it ( I wish they would haha) however it is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself, it removes the blinkers of the ego and allows you to fully experience pure joy and love instead of anger and anxiety that predominates this paradigm.  You may be afraid of the unknown but trust me and the thousands if not millions of others who went before….it is worth every second. But you have to make that choice….it is a conscious choice!


Pure love as always is here in abundance, it is there for you whenever you need, all energy is, learn to use it…that is what it is there for. Sit with this energy for a while and you will see how pure love is all encompassing ….there really is nothing like it, it is completely different from the love we tend to have for each other. The mind controlled by the ego can only experience within a defined set of limits, dressed up as the real thing.


This weekend the energy shifts again for a big clear out, it is time to streamline, get rid of all that no longer serves you, on every level. Look at your diet and exercise, look at your possessions and your home. Your job and your passions, your family and your perceived duties and obligations, your friends and support network, look at your thought processes and your habits, look at the cycles or your life, which ones have come to their natural end but you still hold on to them. Look at everything with fresh and objective eyes and let it go!


If you need any clarification or any further pointers on what to do please get in touch, either on the wall or in private, it is up to you but please DO SOMETHING. We don’t have time anymore to sit in projected cloud of pink fluffiness no matter how lovely it may feel it is not real. We have work to do, to move fully into the paradigm of Unity we cannot have any separation and that means looking at our shadow side embracing forgiving and releasing the polarities and bringing in an ascended state of being. It is possible I and so many others have done this, continue to do this and reap the rewards.

We see you suffering and we hold out our hands……it is up to you whether you hold out yours.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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