July 26th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope that you are all well I have had a lovely few days beginning to assimilate the new knowledge I have learned, I will then apply it and then I will teach it, it is all very exciting.


So the energy I feel coming in this morning is a mixed bag, once again the energy generated on the ground level will knock you off your feet the fear is so strong, this in turn creates confusion, panic, anger, anxiety etc. The greater the fear people tend to react in two ways, fight or flight, gain control and superiority over your immediate environment or run away and hide. Check yourself, for these reactions, however the ego may justify it. Often people can control their surroundings in ways that appear caring and thoughtful but it is passive aggressive manipulation to get their goal, now your ego is going to scream that you would never do this, that you genuinely care but just allow the possibility in that your main intention is to get your needs met, or to quieten the fear screaming inside.


There is a lot of fear being generated by the media at the moment, please do not buy into it, don’t buy into any of it, it is not real. When I was 14 I predicted Brexit, I understood two things then, firstly we would never truly integrate into Europe and two it really didn’t matter and that stands true today, it doesn’t matter. It is all part of the route to where we need to be, don’t let the fear of a power that doesn’t exist disempower you, our whole journey is about self discovery and self empowerment, ask yourself have you been doing that lately or have you been giving your power away through fear.


We give our power away unconsciously and almost constantly.  When we defer to our doctor when we feel the sniffles coming, we know so much better than the doctor what is wrong with us and what we need but we do the opposite. When we give power and extra intelligence and wisdom to teachers, solicitors etc because we see them as better than us, absolutely not true, we ALL have access to the same source of wisdom but we know ourselves and our children better.


We give our power away when we fall into the role playing that seems a constant in this world, for example this world is dominated by victim hero and villains, none of this is real and you refuse to the play the part then this scenario will disappear in your world. Only that which we feed will remain.


I feel inspiration and creativity by the bucket loads and I also feel the elemental energy very strongly, get into nature and I feel there will be messages for us all this week. We all have important things to do in this lifetime and your purpose will be revealed if you would just listen.


As I have said many times we reached the tipping point in raising global consciousness, when that happened everything began to speed up, its how we seemed to go from 2012 to 2016 on the blink of an eye, we were on a roll people, look around you, you can see this for yourself. So many more people are aware than ever before, as long as you stay out of the “spiritual Community” who the majority sadly locked themselves in a Perspex box of absolute limitation. The most spiritually connected people these days are the ones that have changed their life with this new perspective and continue to grow towards miracles presented every day.


Take this creative energy and do something with it, understand that you create your own life, your experience so if you still feel like something or someone out there is doing this to you then your perspective is limited. If you feel that just getting that job or partner will kick start your life then your perspective is limited. If you are waiting for anything or anyone then you will have a long and frustrating wait.


We all get signs all the time but do we notice and if we do, do we listen? How many of you notice 11 :11 or 2:2 a lot or similar double digits? How many of you comment on its occurrence but then that is as far as it goes, do you sit and ask what the universe is trying to tell you? Do you then take that message on board? Think of it like this…..if you did listen then the universe wouldn’t keep repeating the same message over and over, it would move on to another message.


This is what is see all the time, people make these amazing connections and then think that is it but there is so much more.


As I keep saying it is not enough to know things you need to apply them and keep applying them so they are automatic.


I feel joyful every moment of every day, I don’t need to try or pretend it is where I live and it is a beautiful place to be…….so why choose otherwise?


Have a wonderful day, be empowered be creative become joyful, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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