July 23rd 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are all well. I will not be writing an energy report for the next couple of days as I have recently been given some information that will take a few days to digest and while I do that my channel for the energy reports is otherwise engaged. This means they do not flow in the same way and the information is not as rich.


This is all good and quite usual for me, like everyone else I too am walking a path of widening conscious awareness. Our awareness and understanding can be described in levels and we progress or don’t through those levels, sometimes when we get more information it takes a while to assimilate it with our previous understanding and sometimes it blows that previous understanding out of the water.


Now this does not mean that what we knew before was wrong it just means we are at a different level of understanding and now at this point we are able to take a deeper or wider level. Other times it completely blows your mind and you have to throw out so much of what you thought you knew, this was necessary too, often we need to have one level of understanding to get you to the point when you can understand the truth. Sometimes the knowledge appears to be contradictory but it isn’t it is just an old framework that we are trying to place over a new concept


Everyone who makes the commitment to consciously walk their path, using processing techniques to  get to their core and release the fear will get these revelations/downloads but some people stop there but the key is integration and application, otherwise it just becomes another abstract concept that floats around.


I am also working on some fun things for you guys to watch but it all takes a bit of time for everything to come into alignment…..however if anyone is any good at editing videos or being a camera man then please get in touch as we would love you to be part of our next project.


Since the Solstice everything has changed and it is time I came back to teaching and it is time for you to make that commitment to learn, whether with me or someone else, there are plenty of really awesome connected teachers out there. We are all teaching the same thing yet our styles may differ so go where your heart leads but please go and find what works for you as there is no longer any time to sit around examining your navel. You have a choice to make ….learn and grow or stay exactly where you are doing exactly what you are doing, this really is an either or situation. And no processing in your sleep is not enough, learning about crystal tarot etc is not enough, saying a few mantras is not enough, knowing but not applying is not enough.


If you find yourself saying I know this but…..then it is time to have a word with yourself. The life of bliss is there at your fingertips just waiting for your commitment but you allow yourself to be distracted with the trappings of this illusory world, either the race to attain glittery stuff or to run and hide from all the anger and fear….this is not our world !


So my beautiful friends have a chat with yourself this weekend and ask yourself what you really want and then make a commitment, you will be glad that you did.


I am still as always free for a chat if anyone has any concerns or worries. Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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