July 22nd 2016 Energy

path blue


Good Morning I hope everyone slept well, so how are your dreams lately? A lot is going on in dream world at the moment and there are important messages for you, write them down as soon as you wake.


I feel the energy of strength and courage coming in , these are very positive energies and although you may think that you only need these in times of crisis this is not true. Strength and courage help you to take full responsibility for your life and therefore set you free, it makes you walk through life with a smile on your face and joy in your heart as you know that you have the courage of your convictions and the strength to stand in truth. Any obstacles can be overcome easily so they no longer become obstacles.


It is time for us all to look clearly at our lives and tyr and see where we are kidding ourselves, the stories of justifications we tell to avoid taking our life firmly in both hands and giving it a shake up. So many are living on auto pilot, doing the same thing day in and day out, not really engaging not really living, always in search of something outside of the self, waiting for the right conditions the right partner the right job but these things will never fill the unease inside and so the search continues, a search that will never end whilst our attention is external.


Over the next few weeks my posts are going to become a little more direct, there are going to be times that you don’t like what I say and you may have a reaction to me but stick with it all is good. It will help you face you own truths and shift your perspective, it is time for some practical application.


I know that so many of you already know the things that I am going to say yet so many of you don’t apply it to your everyday life and therefore do not get the shift. Understanding is knowledge, application is wisdom and it’s time to get wise.


Think of it as spiritual boot camp, it is not going to be easy but you will end up in a very different place to where you started, once shift your perspective there is no going back and a whole new world will open up for you.


So go outside in bare feet if you can and breathe in the energy around, let it empower and inspire, shout out your intentions that you will be bold, you will be courageous and with an open heart you step forward consciously on your path with a commitment to apply what you know and what you will learn.


After all you know you have been going round in circles and it is time !


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxxx


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