July 21st 2016



Good Morning, I hope that you are well. So have you felt a little lighter of heart, have you found the joy in life? The last week has been light and fun energetically, as with most things you can either ride this wave or it will trigger the opposite reaction in you. Remember that all triggers are good as they give you the opportunity to do some processing and processing is what our journey is all about.


Allow the energy of compassion which is still around today to help you with your judgements of others, this is a part of conditioning that we need to release. We are taught to judge everything and initially this is ok as we need to make a judgement whether this coffee is too hot to drink right now however when we apply it to people and then condemn them, that is a different matter altogether and one that is far too common. Firstly draw in that compassion as you are in no place to make a judgement on another, you have neither the information nor the understanding. Secondly you could be that person, or they could be you mother, grandfather etc, we are all one so why turn against them….it is not them you are condemning it is your shadow side (or at least what you perceive to be your shadow side, it is just the side that is unconscious )


We also have two of my favourite and most consistent energies apart from Love zooming around, Forgiveness and Joy, these two go hand in hand and are really all you need to begin your path of awakening, if you get stuck on your path then draw on these two energies. I know I say it all the time but Forgiveness is the key to everything and without this you are not progressing on your path, despite what you may believe.


Joy is a deep within completely stable ascended state, it is pure and eternal, never changing never ending and I believe it is our natural state and it is all around us, if you choose to look.


Pull in all the energies around you today and choose to be the change that you wish to see in the world. Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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