July 20th 2016 Energy



Good morning, I hope you are well. The energy this morning continues the theme of the week, it is light refreshing and inspiring yet in a gentle way. The energy of clarity and wisdom is strong and you should find yourself understanding situations from a new perspective, many of your problems will seem to disappear with this new clarity.


It really is time to let things go, with understanding comes forgiveness and with forgiveness comes understanding. Forgiveness isn’t weak or foolish forgiveness really is the only way to go. If you feel any other way then take some time to look into that.


I also feel the energy of fairness and justice oh and equality, these are very important energies at this time, contemplate what these mean to you, when you feel it resonating in your heart then you have your answer. It is important to use these energies in all your dealings, with yourself and others.


As always the energies of peace love and joy are every present and in abundance, if you do not feel a consistent and constant background of these energies then you have work to do. Life really is that simple.


Fear is also ever present but you always have a choice, whether you hook into this or not, but always take the opportunity to follow what triggers you to the core so you can release, never are the sign posts so clear.


The creative energies are also still out in full force so go where these lead, there are some really exciting opportunities for all of you to bring your whole life into balance, how would you feel if your work life represented your inner work, what if both were in total alignment and therefore fulfilled all? Drop the should and the ought, move out of the mind and into the heart. The mind is but an illusion the heart exists outside the matrix.


Take a leap of faith today and follow your heart…..all good things will flow, lots of love and lots of laughter Michelexxxxx


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