July 19th 2016 Energy

July 19th 2016 Energy

flower 4

Good Morning I hope you are well, once again when you lift above the dense energy of fear generated by much of mankind you will find the energy is light and breezy. This really is a time of appreciating what is right in front of you, in its pure simple and beautiful way. Sometimes it just needs a switch of perspective to notice what you have rather than what you don’t, what is good rather than what is wrong. Take a little time today to see which perspective you hold.


I feel a clean crystal clear energy which is the energy of truth, this is quite thin energy like the water stream from a tap but it certainly packs a punch. This is a very powerful energy and helps you to see inner truths, which can be validating, liberating but also a little traumatic depending upon what is being released which is why we have had the energy of compassion around for a few days. Apply this to yourself, so you may have had revealed parts of yourself that you have kept hidden or lied to yourself about and this is a good thing, however you are most likely going to be triggered into thinking that either you are a terrible person or you will shut it down and deny everything. Draw in the energy of compassion to help you with this and forgive yourself, just remember that every action in the past has brought you to this point today, so deny this would be to deny yourself, it is all good.


I also feel that there are memories from the past coming in, these are to help you to see your place on your path now and to understand how you got there, to see how much you have progressed which should help you to release the doubt and begin to believe.


Alongside compassion I also feel kindness, it is time to connect with everyone and to be kind, not judgemental or irritated just kind. This is important as there are going to be events on the world stage from September onwards that will be targeting a fear response and aims to separate us but this can only happen if we agree to it. However the compassion love and kindness that is coming in is there to prompt us to take action, to reconnect with our fellow man. We don’t need to do much apart from that, make that connection, recognise our similarities and our shared goals.


It is also very important to ensure that you are grounded as some of these energies can knock you off balance a little. The other reason for grounding is we are helping The Earth ascend also and drawing these energies deep into the earth helps.


So the light hearted fun energy continues, whatever you are doing don’t take it all too seriously, life is funny so remind yourself of that every day.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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