July 18th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, the fun, light hearted energy has increased during the night, it could be a playful day if you let it. Life is funny and life is joyful, there really is nothing worth us worrying about and worry never changed or achieved anything. If you don’t see this then, you are still living in your mind rather than your heart. When living in the mind you try to control everything which leads to upset, anger disappointment and frustration.


We also have the energy of balance, for some this can be tricky as they are prone to extremes but you will find if you bring in some balance then your boat will capsize. Think more Tortoise and less Hare. This is a lovely fat grounded energy and helps on so many levels, it can however draw up issues that require balance within you so if you do feel uncomfortable or ill at ease then there is something within that is trying to become more balanced. This could be a multitude of things but could also be a fundamental issue of the balancing of the masculine and feminine. This is a journey that we all must go on and it is worth it.


I also feel the energy of complicity, now this is one to be aware of and not get caught up in. Doing stuff in a group increases the power of the energy but this works positively as well as negatively, this energy when tapped into can get you riding the wave of group behaviour that could leave you morally bankrupt and set back your journey. Flow with groups that you have a synergy with their energy and leave the others behind, no matter how seductive it may feel, it is an illusion.


Compassion is all around still, draw this in and is helps counteract any harsh judgements you may be making, when there is so much fear around this brings up the judgemental element in us. It is our way of alleviating the fear by making sense and having control over our world. There is a lot of irritability around at the moment and it is so contagious, consciously release this from your system and environment or you will find yourself snapping at others.


Go beneath all of this and hook into the joy and love that is all around, these are happy times, extraordinary times and we are blessed to be here experiencing this now.


Remember if you have any questions or are struggling then please get in touch, I am in the process of putting a few projects together to help with this, as it is time, time for us all to consciously create our reality and I can help with this!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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