July 17th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well. There is a slight feeling of unease in the air this morning, I can feel disappointment and betrayal being generated at a ground level and this could trigger a lot of people so be aware of this today and don’t over react. If you do find yourself being triggered then once again use this as a great opportunity to get to the root of these issues and process them.


It is our responsibility and our greatest gift not only to ourselves but also to the world when we dismantle our conditioning and release our baggage yet it is something that people invest a lot of time and energy avoiding.


The energy of acceptance is coming in strongly today, it is showing up as a two tone orange and purple energy, of medium thickness but flat. Acceptance can be a tough one to initiate and this energy is going to catch you unawares at times today, it is going to flow into your life and settle so allow this and just be aware what is happening. Acceptance is an amazing energy and state of being, when you accept all there really is no friction. It is also an amazing energy to help you release past cycles and issues from the past that you are holding on to.


I feel a calming soothing energy also which will also help with any releasing that you are doing, just accept and allow the energies around you to do their thing. Be consciously aware in each moment and you will feel the shifts today.


The energy of compassion is still around and I feel that it is going to be here for some time to come, we need to be kind to each other, to be understanding of others failings or mistakes and not want to jump down their throat for it. We are not the judge and jury of others, however there is a lot of energy around originally generated in fear that is acting this way towards others. If for one second you feel that you know what someone else’s problem is then you need to step back and process your stuff as this has nothing to do with the person you are judging, even if you feel that you are doing it out of care and concern..


I feel a playful energy will be coming in later this afternoon and this is going to shift the energy moving into the week. Embrace this, stop thinking about what others may or may not think or say about you and just be playful, come from your heart and be joyful. Good things happen when you are in that state. It is time to have fun.


This world is amazing and the times we are living in are awesome, we wanted to be here right now and Bravo us, so grab this time with both hands, embrace the energies that are available to us and  let them help you love and laugh through life.


Whenever you feel out of sorts or are not living in bliss then you have stuff to process and release, focus on that as NO ONE is going to fix that for you but you can 100% fix it in yourself and to be honest no one really wants to hear about it, unless of course they are locked in Victim, Saviour, Aggressor role play and then you may all distract yourself in a little side drama for a while. Although this may satisfy something in you for a while it is ultimately meaningless, you are not progressing, learning or moving forward, despite appearances, you may want to reflect on that today.


So have a wonderful day, allow everything to flow, paying attention to the unexpected, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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