July 15th 2015 Energy

path blue


Good Morning I hope that you are well. The strongest energy I felt coming in this morning was Hope. This is needed to balance some of the fear and desperation flooding the planet right now.

A lot of what we are asked to be fearful about by the media is probabilities in the future and downright lies and propaganda, with the other energies that are coming in try and see it for what it is. If this doesn’t work then switch of your tv, you do have a choice about what you expose yourself to.

Inspiration and clarity are still strong but you need to draw this in and ground it to get the most benefit. Great changes have happened within you and these are beginning to show in your outer world, don’t doubt them, accept and embrace them.

There is a lot of anger in the world and if you are different, for example happy, then you are going to become the target of that hostility. People don’t like anything different when they are living an uncertain life. It does not matter how awful everything is as long as we all feel the same then I know there is nothing for me to do about it, well that’s their thought processes. Accept that this is happening, understand that it is all fear based and although directed at you it isn’t personal. Don’t react and if you do, take the opportunity to process that stuff later, in the face of anger send peace, in the face of hate send love. You do not need to do anything just imagine that you are a big bubble of love and your bubble is getting bigger and bigger until it covers the angry people around you. Remember it is not personal and it is your choice whether you walk on by or get down and dirty.


I also feel nurture, this is delicate and spring like, the ground cradling a seed until it is ready to burst through, what are you nurturing, what are your hopes and dreams? It is time for you to step into your power and create your dreams, if you don’t then there really is no point complaining when you are stuck with the same old stuff and the same old routine. If you use the energies when they come in then you will be in a much better position later on, you will be ready to go go go go when needed.


Preparation with most things is the key, which is why processing your baggage is so important. We all need to travel light so that when opportunity knocks we can grab it with both hands rather than being encumbered by a mountain of cases. You miss so much when your view is blocked by the past.


The empowering energy we have coming in at the moment is trigger for a lot of people, this morning I felt cowardice and shame at ground level, please if you feel any of those things be kind and gentle and forgive yourself and while you are at it forgive everyone else too.


There really is a mixed bag of energy out there and it is up to you what you link in to. Have a think about how much negativity and drama there is in your life, do you find yourself having conflicts daily? Do you feel pretty tense and wound up all the time? Do you find life unfair and unjust ? If you do then you may want to look at the fear within you.


The weekend is going to bring some eureka moments for many, sometimes this can be liberating and other times it can a little traumatic, however it always leaves you in a much better position than you started, so grab it with both hands.


Have a wonderful day, life really is inspiring magical and very creative so embrace it and have fun, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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