July 14th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are all well. So how did everyone sleep, this heavy grounding energy should be helping with any issues that you are been having.

Have you also noticed how much time has slowed down? This year so far has gone in a split second, days were running through our fingers like water, at times it even felt a little surreal until this week when it slowed down hugely.  Now this can be quite calming, as it is often time chasing that makes us feel a little manic however for some this can be quite excruciating, it all depends on the inner work that needs doing.  Take some time today to look into how this is making you feel, do you feel the pressure is off or are you feeling irritated and annoyed?


Once again as it tends to happen dramatic shifts or gateways affect people in opposite ways, either leaning towards peace or anger. This is why it is very important to walk away from other peoples anger, they are just spoiling for a fight and they don’t even know why. You may notice an increase in road rage.


The energy I can feel predominantly this morning is creation, inspiration and clarity, if you can’t feel this, then go into nature for a while and breathe. If you still can’t feel maybe try a few days without TV or phones, or maybe a day by yourself outside. Whatever you need to do to feel that connection as the energy coming in is strong and if it is not penetrating then you have some blocks that need attention.


We have to take responsibility for our lives right now, if we can’t feel something then having a moan is just not good enough, talking about it but not actually doing anything is not on and pretending is rocky road. Every decision we make is important and will determine our future so make is a present and informed one.


This is not going to go on forever, we are not going to be able to float through life not taking responsibility for ourselves or our lives nor can we avoid tackling our shadow sides and demons if we want to shift into the new paradigm. We have a very real choice here and turning away from it will not make it go away.


It is important to step up and into your power, this will hold you fast when the world appears to be descending into chaos, this will stop you getting pulled into the drama and fear that is being generated.


Depending upon your perspective things in the world are going to get much better or much worse be honest with yourself on how you feel and then do something about it. I am always here if you need any advice or clarification.


The world is changing and it really is your playground, it will inspire you and push you forward or it will terrify you and leave you locked at home.


I see a brave new world, one of unlimited possibilities and immense love and joy and by embracing this we can spread the joy until the whole world lives in their heart!


Have a wonderful day, be honest with yourself and love each other, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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