July 12th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, the energy continues in a light and delicate manner this morning. Ideas and creativity are forming in you, whether that is a new project for the home or business maybe a creative solution to a problem or maybe a new hobby or area of learning. If you get that urge to learn a language, car maintenance whatever go and do it.


What makes you smile, makes your heart expand and gives you that warm feeling of satisfaction? Is it helping someone, a job well done or mastering a new skill?, Whatever it may be go with it today.


Time also feels a little slower today, although this is subjective and could just be me. Time has never been so malleable, if want to slow it down, then state that as your intention, so for example if you are running late state that you will arrive at the desired time and imagine time like an elastic band and stretch it. Time is not your enemy , so just flow with it, it is all just part of the experience. The wider our conscious awareness, the more we process in each moment the slower time appears. ( Time is another post in itself)


We have another big gateway coming up in September, another bridge like the one in May, where we are going to be able to draw down the dimension of ideas into the physical realm. It is going to be the final piece that kick starts the construction of your dreams….if you haven’t already begun.


I feel the energy of truth but this is not the intense whistleblowing truth energy this again is gentle and slowly brings your own truths to the surface, accept these with an open heart. Any truths you may discover about another is for your information only this is not for you to “enlighten” them.


The energy is here to support you being light hearted and carefree, let go of everything, the perceived injustices of others, the frustration when things don’t go to plan, the self- doubt and negativity. If you feel heavy and sluggish, anxious and uncertain then this is your own fears and this is your own energy, take a walk and shift that energy, even though you want to just wrap it around you and wallow a bit.


Be spontaneous and more than anything breathe in this energy and feel alive, not in a I’m going to conquer the world but in a, isn’t life awesome and amazing kind of way.


Life is good and these are very exciting times that we are living in, we chose this and now we get to experience every last drop of it.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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