July 11th 2016 Energy

rose garden


Good Morning I hope you are well and had a good weekend.  So another new week is here and we certainly seem to be speeding through the year, time has been especially fast this year.


The energy is light and delicate this morning, it feels like a gentle summer breeze through an English rose garden but don’t be fooled it can still pack a punch. This energy is here to push you forward but in a gentle way, like a loving and encouraging mother, a gentle but firm push on the back. This energy can show you that it does not all have to be harsh and uncomfortable energy to get you to where you need to be.


It is easy to make great progress and then slip back when life gets in the way, we had a plan but then day to day events of life seem to put everything on the back burner, or it just all takes too much energy to be consciously aware all the time and this to a certain extent is true, it can take a lot of energy but it is worth it, you do have the choice to go back to sleep though and some make that choice.


This energy is here to gently remind you of the past, cycles that have ended and rightfully so. You may have some of these memories today and they are just a reminder that you don’t want to go backwards, that no matter how bad things have got in the past you have always found a way home.


This energy inspires us and propels us forward into our new cycle our new way, the past is dead gone, there is nothing of value there anymore, the future on the other hand is big beautiful blank canvass, I just saw a watercolour being painted and that really reflects this energy, we are painting our new reality but in a delicate overlapping and soft way.


I feel the energy of compassion coming in and this is definitely needed for all, draw this in and apply to you initially. Have compassion for the past mistakes you have made and the daily ones you continue to make and then extend it to everyone else, keep this at the forefront of your mind and it may help when your road rage, for example, is triggered. There are a lot of angry people about and it helps to keep compassion handy.


Compassion is coming into the planet in such large doses to counteract the energy that is turning brother and sister against brother and sister. If our Governments want to act that spoilt and indulged children then let them this is not our energy, this is not our fight, unless of course you live in a country where your Government actually does right by you, Sweden for example.


So if you feel as though you are having negative feelings about other people, whether your neighbours of people from other regions or countries then stop step back and take a look of this, pulling in the energy of compassion. Why does is anger you so much or make you fearful? The energy around is perfect for that as it will soothe any triggers as they come up.


So enjoy this wonderful day, keep moving forward and allow your path to create itself with every step.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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