July 10th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope all is well in your world. The energy this morning is light and breezy, it is time to have some fun, for today the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders and you are free to play.

It is good to be light hearted, life is full of funny moments, weird situations and bizarre episodes, we are all funny bizarre and a little weird so embrace that today, just let those random moments unfold and enjoy the ride; Don’t take yourself too seriously either, life is a road trip not a race and who we meet and the experiences we have are more important than the destination.


So lighten up today and see where life takes you.


As always the energy of love and fear and swishing around, make it a conscious decision which energy you tap into and make a commitment to process any issues triggered by these energies, if you want a happy bliss full life then these bits can’t be skipped or glossed over.


Again I feel the energy of courage and a commitment to speak out, ah I am also feeling the energy of commitment….which has been nudging me for the last couple of minutes. Feel into this energy today, what exactly does it mean to you, do you apply this in your life?  Commitment requires action to back up any verbal agreement, you need to actually do! If you commit to something do you see it through? Do you think through what you commit to? When was the last time you fully committed to something, staking your flag in the ground?


I can also feel the energy of solidarity, this is a good time to do things together, share you time and your passions, ahhh and in comes passion, commitment and passion tend to go hand in hand, it’s easier and almost mandatory to be committed to something you are passionate about, find your thing and then do more of it.


I am seeing fairground rides and carousels, a village fair, connect with your tribe, those people you share a locality with, these are not people to be judged or used, shunned and ignored, these are your village, reach out to them and what I mean by that is just recognise their existence. If you pass someone in the street acknowledge them, smile and make eye contact.


So have some fun today, throw all schedules in the bin and follow where the laughter leads.


Lots of love and lots of laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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