Energy Forecast Monday 11th July – Sunday 18th July

Energy Forecast Monday 11th July – Sunday 18th July

balance 1

The week ahead is a week of two halves, the light and breezy energy of the weekend will continue to around Wednesday and Wednesday night the energies will change to more reflective and it is time once again to face our shadow sides, this however is neither a bad thing nor something to be dreaded. This is an awesome opportunity to shed another layer, to release a little more baggage. Think of it as though you are walking your path, which sometimes includes a few mountain climbs, with a rucksack full of boulders. Each time we get this reflective energy we are able to stop and remove some boulders, however this is an opportunity and our free will requires that we make a conscious decision to remove some rocks, leave all the rocks in the bag or add some more, what are you going to do ?


Although the energy feels very light and fun at the beginning of the week this does not mean that much cannot be achieved, in fact more can be done than ever thought, you do not need to be serious and fixated to achieve the most and having a laugh does not mean that you do not take things seriously. Just as going with flow doesn’t mean that you drift through life without responsibility, more can be achieved going with the flow as you are not wasting energy pushing against boulders and rocks, you are working with the energy of the universe rather than against it. Nature is not our enemy it is our ally.


This week is very much about balance and although it may feel very up and down for you by the end of the week you should see how this was achieved. We have to feel the opposites to bring them together in unity, this is the theme of this year and our journey from the paradigm of polarity to the paradigm of Unity, so see it as a good thing rather than you were sitting in the sunshine Monday to Wednesday and life was good, only to have someone turn off the light for the latter half of the week, shift your perspective on this and rejoice in the fact that you have this awesome opportunity to integrate your shadow side, to release your baggage and conditioning and carry on walking your path with a much lighter bag.


Eventually you will throw the bag away all together and then you really can skip through life. So know that there is a purpose, there is a plan just keep on keeping on.


As always there is going to be a lot of drama this week, what are you going to do? Jump right in the middle of it with your two pennies worth or step back , remove your energy from it and focus on the miracle of life instead.


This week is very much a test for you about your perspective, which emotional state to you grab hold of and run with…..positive or negative. Be honest with yourself about this, this is not about what you think of yourself, this is about you noticing your own behaviour and view point and how that affects your life in real concrete terms. Do you wrap yourself in a cloak of drama pity anger or do you see the positive in each and every moment.


Life is a blast and I hope as you all ride this week out you see that. If by Thursday you feel a little overwhelmed then refer back to this post. It is no longer a world of All or Nothing so readjust your mind set to take this into account, the negativity you see all around you is a reflection of your inner state and that is fact. The beauty of this is you don’t need to change the world just your perception of it. People have often said to me with a great deal of irritation…”you and your F#* silver lining do you really see the positive in everything” and my answer is yes, I don’t need to find a silver lining it is all I see.


So see this week for lesson it is, flow with it and get the most out of it, these are not difficult weeks to get through, these are amazing opportunities for us to grow.


Have a wonderful week and I am always here if you need any advice , clarification or if you would like to share your experiences and wisdom.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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