Searching for your Soul Mate?

gt union


Searching for your Soul Mate or your other half seems to be the preoccupation for many. That feeling that something is missing from you and you would be complete once you find your other half. It is the theme of love stories the world over, wedding speeches often include the phrase I am now complete etc. It is almost like a tunnel that we have been led down, the solution to that empty feeling inside is to be found in someone else.


What I have found to be the case with the energy work that I have done over the last decade or so is that this empty feeling or the sense that something is missing has nothing to do with the love of our lives or our Soul Mate it is about splinters of our Soul


When we experience traumatic events or situations in our lives, often ones that we cannot comprehend at the time, a part of our Soul fractures of splinters off, these are the missing pieces not some poor soul who is just trying to find their way on their own path. It is a huge amount of pressure and also the source of great disappointment to label another as that missing piece.


When you sit back and think about it, it actually makes more sense that it is parts of you that are missing and making you feel incomplete. Soul Retrieval practices occur all over the world in many of the ancient and eastern religions and it is an accepted part on your journey.


I have been conducting Soul Retrievals for many years and it is a great base to help you on your path, it is a subtle shift but huge at the same time. It also helps greatly with your energy, when you are complete your attention does not need to be anywhere but the moment, freeing you to experience all rather than constantly seeking something outside of yourself that you will never attain.


So if you are seeking, if you do feel as though something is missing, just step back and sit with this for a while and ask, what I seek is it outside of me or inside, then you can readjust your focus.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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