July 9th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope that you are well, the energy coming in this morning is purpose and tenacity, you may feel compelled to do something or that your life is moving forward almost by itself.


We have spent so long this year looking back, understanding and releasing, there has been a lot of down time whilst new energies integrate within us, there has been a lot of wait and see. However this new energy is very forward moving and this is exciting.


So much hard work has bought you to this point and it may have felt like there was no reward just a constant cycle of learning and releasing. Now however is the time to “boldly go where no man has gone before”  and you will feel propelled forward.


The Universe is responding to you in an instant at the moment so go with it. If you find that you are still coming up against obstacles then take a look at what you may be missing, there is a block within that is asking to be released. There is nothing smart or wise about holding on to any energy from the past, let it go and feel yourself expand.


I still feel the energy of clarity, which is always immensely helpful although ensure that you do see, we have a very strong ability to lie to ourselves, justifying our action and behaviour or sticking our head in the sand, so check this within yourself.


I also feel integrity, with these new insights into our own nature it can also hold a neon sign over the heads of others and the urge is to tell them what their issue is or what they need to do …..No this is for your info only, mind your own business.


With this new found wisdom and with the active energies it is likely that you will feel empowered, almost like you have superpowers, however allow this to settle and inspire you rather than make you feel better or more knowing than others. Integrity is an awesome energy and one of my favourites, align with your soul and you will always do the right thing. The right thing being the truths within your soul, not those applied by society, your heart will tell you when you are on the right path.


I also feel the energy of freedom, now this is an energy that is not as strong as it once was, freedom is an energy that triggers a lot in people and is muted considerable with fear, and there is a lot of that on the planet. Freedom is the most liberating empowering and fearless energy in itself, it carries with it great expansion, however in many their current state prefers, structure rules roles and restriction, tell me what I can’t do and I will stay within the lines. It feels for them a bit like being taken straight to the motorway on your first driving lesson. Recognise this in yourself and release the fear.


Creativity and inspiration are coming in strong later today and tomorrow, look deep within for your creativity, again this is not something that has been superimposed by society, what is currently trending, seek your own expression. Creativity is messy, random, emotional, you go where creativity leads, you don’t know from the get go and there is no plan, there is just a starting point.


One thing I think would be great for today is to tell someone something that you manifested this week, share your creations, you know you have done it. If you find yourself saying, how funny or how weird or that was a coincidence, then know it is none of those things it is synchronicity, it is manifestation, it is your dance with universe.


Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to rearranging the open day soon.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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