July 8th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, the energy again smells like cut grass, it is fresh and inspiring, much can be achieved with an open and trusting heart. It is wise to be trusting despite what we may feel we have taught or learnt, it is only with trust that we are able to fully surrender and go with the flow and that is where the magic happens.


Manifestation is at your fingertips, so be inspired and create and you can do this by having faith and trust that the universe will respond, this does happen, this is real!


I also feel Bold energy, being courageous not in an aggressive way but in an assured way, when you know who you are and you know what is in your heart, it is easy to be bold.


The greatest love story of your life will be the one with yourself yet we turn away in search of something greater or more satisfying, the energy of love is strong as usual tap into this and start to fall in love. Make a list of all the awesome things that you love about yourself, leave this open ended and add to it every day, big or small, unique or general, get to know you.


The energies feel really stable at the moment, which is a blessed relief after the last couple of weeks, upgrades and shifts in consciousness can take it out on us in a variety of ways, so make sure you eat well and ground yourself.


The energy of fear being generated amongst the population has dropped down a notch or two, so breathe in the energy today and feel how stable it is, how strong yet gentle. This is the energy that you want around you, not the hyper nor draining energy of fear, that energy is not real but it is easy to become overwhelmed by it and own it as yours. It is important to remember this energy so you can refer back to it.


As we move into the weekend it is like you are conducting an orchestra of your life, the energy will become stronger and more empowering, stay grounded so you don’t go floating off like a helium balloon and get creative. I see the energetic building blocks all around, so start today.


If anyone needs any hints or tips, clarification or just some advice please do not hesitate to contact me.


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