July 7th 2016 Energy


flower 4

Good morning I hope everyone is well, the energy this morning is cool calm and rather still, this energy came in yesterday afternoon and the energetic equivalent of Aloe Vera. Allow this stillness to settle into you and ground you. Being grounded is very important right now due to the energy being whipped up on a human level, it will knock you off balance or drag you down into the drama if you let it. Having good grounding techniques is a must.


Now is the time to have a look at what you have in your spiritual kit bag, these are your tools use them, you have them for a reason, and always be on the look out for more skills and more tools and techniques, we need them to navigate this new world.


It is a bit like creating an amazing garden to sit back and watch it overcome with weeds or completely overshadowed by one aggressively growing plant, you sit there and see the slow decline not sure what to do despite a shed full of all the latest gardening equipment. Don’t do that to yourself.


Write a list and schedule it in ….releasing and cleansing…….grounding and accepting, if necessary until it becomes a daily habit as automatic as cleaning your teeth.


We still have the energy of clarity and it brings with it today wisdom, clarity can sometimes be misinterpreted but wisdom helps to ground this new understanding which is often there not for action but for acceptance and grounding.


There is much that we know now that we did not know at the beginning of the year but much of this if for our information only, let it work its magic quietly within.


Although much is going on this is a quiet time, this is all very much about our internal journey and our processing…..this is a time of allowing, allowing our truths to be known (to ourselves).


I also feel love, which is always around but I feel passion too, this energy is fabulous, it is bold, quick and just a big fat grab hold and squeeze energy. Tap into this but only once you are fully grounded. Passion is an awesome energy but you can quickly use your head if not grounded.


Find what you are passionate about, it really doesn’t matter what it is and don’t have any expectations, your passions will probably surprise you. Just pay attention to how you respond to certain things and follow that, you will find your passion. Don’t however confuse it with a trigger they can initially feel very similar but passion comes from the heart and you will feel a rush or an expansion in the heart area. Triggering is a fear response and as such you feel physical sensation in the stomach area.


Just like we get to know the cries of a new born baby and we can interpret whether it is a hungry cry or a tired cry, get to know yourself and what are your physical tells.


I also feel the spark of hope, it is a long silvery sparkly energy. It is not as thick as normal, hope has taken a battering but it is back here with us to today and hope is often needed to kick start passion and vice versa……so allow this today, you will be glad you did.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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