Soul Mates

heart mandala

Meeting our soul mate rarely ends in hearts and flowers and happily ever after… but we have the greatest gifts for each other.

Our Soul Mates are here to help us learn the lessons that our Soul needs, these are often the harshest. We can be left feeling like we’ve had our brain scooped out with a rusty spoon.

We may end up not knowing where we are but we are left knowing who we are

Often our hearts break so that the light can come in.

Soul mates challenge each other to such an extent that you have no choice but to go within!

Soul Mates reach into the depths of you and pull out your shadow side for you to see in all its glory.

Meeting your Soul mate is intense, challenging, heart breaking, it is a rollercoaster but it is the most beautiful gift and will leave you liberated……if you see it for what it is.

We have many Soul Mates throughout life and it is not always romantic, some we have in our lives for a short but intense time, some accompany us for life and some come in and out but the lessons are always a beautiful gift.

So while you are searching for your Soul mate you may find that you have already found them !


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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