July 6th 2016 Energy



Good morning, love is in the air and after the last few weeks this is a welcome relief. Although we have constant universal love around us this is the human kind and it is wonderful. Imagine that we have a tide of fear going around the globe affecting everything; well we are now pushing back with a tide of love. I think people are getting sick of the bull that is being spread around making us fearful of our fellow man, when we listen to the news we are afraid, what is our world coming to, however when we listen to our friends, our neighbours and strangers in the street we realise we are all the same and we all are loving and caring and want the simple things in life.


Love spreads quickly and it only takes the smallest seed and it is more powerful than fear because we want it, we chose it. Everyone is going to be given opportunities over the next day or so to choose love over fear/anger/hate, it’s really quite easy to do, once you bring it into your awareness, once you understand it is your choice.


Take 5 minutes today and add your own love to that tide, feel it unite with all the others and know that you are part of something that is affecting billions of people. Once you understand how connected we all are and how our energy affects each other then you make sure that your contribution is always love or positive.


So how are your plans going, you should be having lots of inspiration and clarity coming in, not only are you clearer in what you want to do but the route there is beginning to lay down in front of you, be bold and take that step.


I feel the energy of marriage or newly-weds, I think this relates to the BIG new cycle we have all entered, this is how you should feel about life right now, it is all new fresh and exciting but also feels like going home, everything is as it should be.


I also smell freshly cut grass, this is clear and fresh and wants you to roll around in the cool silky grass, connect with nature wherever you are as there is some amazing energy going on there. Everything has shifted and moved to a slightly different level and it is rather beautiful.


Can you feel the difference from last week and the weekend, sit and think about this for a while, it is good practice for getting to know about energy. Personally my waking visions have become much clearer and HD, in fact everything has upgraded, so check that out for yourself, how have things changed within you, get to know these gifts, we have them for a reason.


I also feel the energy of connection today, although our paths are often solitary, our connections are very important, we are all intricately connected and to deny this means you often take on another’s energy as your own. Connecting in with others energy is also very empowering and comforting, meditating in a group is incredibly powerful in fact any group activities are.


I also feel the energy of balance and temperance; much can be achieved if you adopt a steady and grounded approach.


If you have done the same things all your life with the same result, a result you are not overly pleased about then now is the time to try something different and the energy around you supports this.


SO jump into this new world today and see where it takes you….love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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