July 5th 2016 Energy

blue plasma5


Good Morning and I hope you are all well, the energy shifted significantly yesterday and we are in our new cycle energy, anything is possible at this moment if you can dream big enough.


There is still a huge amount of fear sweeping the planet and this is not your energy but it can trigger you, it will trigger your own fears and insecurities, it may feel like something really bad is going to happen but it isn’t. There is a lot of change happening and this leaves people feeling uncertain and afraid, people begin to doubt themselves and each other when everything they seemed to know is changing without a clear structure of what lays ahead. Although this fear is understandable it is not necessary, we need to be in this state of free fall, to develop trust and faith, to surrender knowing that all will be ok, in fact better than ok.


We are all going through the same thing at the moment, from the individual person, to countries to the whole world, we are all on this path of ascension. It is why everything can feel so intense at the moment, as above so below, what happens internally is happening externally, the microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm. It’s like fractals, you can take any piece of the whole and find all the elements of the whole in that single segment.


As we continue through the rest of the year it is going to become more important that we are able to recognise our own energy signature, that we know what is our energy and what is other peoples, otherwise our lives will begin to resemble the ball in a pin ball machine.


It is important when being bombarded by this fear energy that you are able to stop and say to yourself ok how do I actually feel right now, as that moment really is all that is real.


Our ability to manifest is very strong and especially with the new moon energy we have in at the moment but be careful with this, we don’t always manifest positivity. Just by talking about something, we manifest it energetically and start drawing that towards us.


Also be aware that when we move into new cycles it can feel a bit odd, familiar yet strange and in that moment we can look back and try and draw in the familiarity from the old cycle, we really don’t want that, we left that cycle for a reason and we really don’t want to bring it back in no matter how comforting you feel it may be.


So underneath all the fear we have some awesome and positive energies, I feel courage coming in by the bucket load, this is a calm and steady strength, this is not aggression or confrontation but action with assured purpose.


I also feel the energy of clarity and perception although now is not the best time for speaking your truth, as it may fall on deaf or aggressive ears, now is the time to be patient and just wait, knowing that the time will come.


It is time to be bold, it is time to be the pioneer of your life, go out there in this new world and find out a bit more about it, leave your expectation at the door and I think you will be very surprised.


Have a wonderful day lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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