July 4th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope everyone is well, so today we are fully in new moon energy and it is time to begin those new cycles, bring in new promise and experience, what have you chosen to consciously create today?


The energy has shifted once again and this is very light, be sure to ground well. Allow your imagination to run wild, nothing is impossible, however there is a flip side to this energy and if you are worrying or anxious then the energy today could make you focus on that, however that is just one side of this energy so when you become aware of it, take some time out to breathe and bring in a positive perspective.


As we head into the week much can be achieved if you take a measured approach, you do not need to do everything at once and this is not a race, just take your time.


There have been a great many shifts over the last few weeks and it has left us all feeling as though we have washed up on an alien shore, we have all experienced massive ups and downs, wondering what on earth is going on. Things should begin to settle this week.


I have yet to fully comprehend what has been happening and I will go and seek the answers later. However I believe that we all had upgrades/shifts in consciousness available to us, whilst at the same time the planet was flooded with fear & confusion.


Today is a day of great hope, solutions will present themselves if you relax and step back, that is the key, it will come to us we don’t need to seek it.


The energy of the weekend was quite slow, it made us all a little sluggish, although we are brighter today, try and keep that slower pace, it makes it easier to pause more. This is a time of careful consideration, of being totally present and making conscious decisions.


Allow your dreams to continue to unfold, creating in your mind and this evening or whenever the mood strikes, write these dreams down and offer them to the universe with grace. Some people choose to keep them in a wish box, that they can go back to you a year later to see what happened. Some prefer to sing it to the wind, throw a stone imbued with the energy into the sea, a stick or a note into a fire, however you wish to do this just go for it. There is not right or wrong, this is whatever feels right for you. Just be present come from your heart and keep it simple.


So reflect today on what you would like to bring in…..peace of mind……Balance of heart mind and soul….physical health……abundance in all…..deep joy……forgiveness and acceptance, love love and more love.


Have a wonderful day, I am here if anyone needs to talk or have anything clarified, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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