July 2nd 2016 Energy

new moon meditation

Good Morning, I hope you all slept well. So the energy has lifted again last night. Yesterday was a strange day, the energy of responsibility was coming in strongly and this kicked many into victim mode. This had been building through the week and kind of exploded yesterday.


Responsibility is a funny energy and can empower you and push you forward or it can make you run for the hills, seeking security in the familiar role of victim.


The only true way forward though is to take responsibility, however try looking at it from a different perspective and you can gain fresh insight and it is truly liberating.


However this morning this energy has lifted somewhat, it is still there as it is paramount to our development that we do this but it is not so dramatic as yesterday, however you responded yesterday use this as a sign to show you where you need to do some work.


The energy we have today is very new moon energy, I feel hope, inspiration, desire, and excitement but not in a heady out control way, this excitement is because you know plans are going to come to fruition.


Spend some time this weekend thinking about your dreams and ensuring they are relevant for today, do they reflect the real you? Are they really your dreams? What is it that you really want, in your heart not your mind. How do you want to feel at the end and the beginning of each day? Spend some time thinking about this. Forward travel on your timeline to see how these dreams may play out, are they as satisfying as you think?


Remember you are bringing your dreams into your present make sure you are ready for that. Many of the dreams we hold are only there to spur us on or as an excuse not to live in the now, reflect on that, what are your dreams really made of.


Having your dreams come true is scary for a lot of people, check that you don’t have any booby traps or that you are going to self- sabotage, process any triggers that come up for you.


Anything is possible, try and get your head around that, it doesn’t mean anything within a strict set of parameters is possible, or only things we can currently perceive are possible, possibilities are infinite just don’t get caught up in the details.


If you can spend some time alone today then do so, just connect into this fresh and inspiring energy, anything is possible and you need to bring this into your heart. Your mind will tell you that anything is not possible practical or feasible, your ego will tell you this is a big risk and besides you are a little deluded, your family and friends have their own agenda wants and needs from you and your insecurities will tell you to put everyone else first and your fear will tell you to stay on that treadmill, you may be unhappy or dissatisfied but better the devil you know.


So connect in completely alone and just see where the energy takes you, leave expectation at the door and just fly for a while, your dreams are like air currents, so go and have some fun.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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