June 30th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, the energy is becoming more active as we head towards the weekend but with it may come anger and frustrations, this is not really the energy itself but more what it draws from you.


It is time to pay close attention to the reactions of those around you and see what it being reflected back at you. Right now the way you are being treated is the way your energy is coming back at you.


I don’t mean the occasional isolated incidence but the general theme. Are you finding people very rude and angry or maybe your friends are being really sweet and lovely, either way this is a sign that you on the right path or maybe you need to address some internal issues. Take this as a great opportunity rather than an insult or a criticism and if you are receiving love then just make sure you are open to it, there is no catch, no flip side, this is your good energy making its way back to you.


There is a great deal of clarity around at the moment and this can raise your spirits but also make you stomach turn and your heart sink with some sudden realisations. Don’t fall into fear, take a deep breath and process. Hindsight is an amazing thing however with the shifts in time we are all experiencing, hindsight can actually become now-sight, stay present, stay grounded and stay open and you nip things in the bud before they have a chance to grow. Also if you take time in nature each day you can develop your foresight, giving you a daily heads up.


Once again it is important to create and maintain balance and to help with this we need to bring thoughts and ideas into the 3d. Our concepts and theories need to be tried and grounded in the 3d, how does this help or apply to you. We have to make these things real and relevant to us otherwise they are pointless theories that help no one.


Check yourself throughout the day, this is great for helping you stay present, ask yourself how am I feeling right now. Not how am I feeling in light of recent events just how do I feel, energetically, physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually right now in this moment. Again be objective and have neither expectation nor the need to analyse, it is what it is.


We have some awesome creating to do next week but for now it is important that we are clear grounded and balanced, which would go some way to explain this floaty disconnected feeling some have had this week, for some more grounding is need, for others this is just a floating between worlds in the realms of ideas, this is fine. Check how you feel and you will know which is which, if you feel perfectly happy and content floating as you still feel a full connection to the earth and 3d and then keep flowing. If however it is causing you problems with your work for example or is making you feel a little out of control then do some grounding exercises.


It really is a mixed bag of energy and depends upon where you are right now.


So stay centred and grounded and step into nature and ask the questions….only you know the answers….maybe with a little help from your friends in nature.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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