June 29th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope you are well, take a deep breath today and ground yourself, I feel a huge wave of sadness sweeping the planet, I don’t know why or where it is coming from. We always have a huge amount of fear but today I feel this sadness and it doesn’t feel natural, so be aware of this and step out of it when you can.


This may trigger sadness in your so go into nature and work on releasing your own sadness and the root of what triggered it and leave it there. Be aware that it is easy to pull this energy in and around you like a cloak of sadness but this is not real.


So underneath this sad energy it is a very insightful day, the energy of clarity is still around and it is truly inspiring. So much of what you didn’t understand or was outside of your comprehension is available to you now. It is like you have finally finished your puzzle and are able to step back and see the picture.


So much of what you were worrying about seems silly now and you can see a clear path, believe this and trust it, it is tough sometimes to believe the solution when it appears so simple when we have struggled in the dark for so long. Also be easy on yourself, you may feel a little stupid and oh why didn’t I see this before it would have saved me a lot of trouble…well you wouldn’t have seen it before as everything wasn’t in place, you saw it exactly when you needed to see it so give yourself a break.


Ah we also have an extra boost of the energy of truth, I love this energy, it feels like home. Truth is so pure clean and bright, it isn’t minty but it feels kind of menthol, that coolness in your system.  Allow this in and see where it goes, the greatest lies are the ones we tell ourselves and the greatest sadness is when we believe those lies. The truth will be revealed so have an open heart, forgiveness and compassion and then wait for the slap in the face….allow this to express itself to you to its fullest and then release, this is not about beating yourself up, this about facing and truth and loving yourself for it. Once you forgive and release then you can become more whole.


This is not about discovering the truth in others and then telling them about it, if this is you then you need to look at balancing your ego. Yes we can know our truth about others and that is for our information, it is not for us to point it out in others….be wary of crusade energy there is a lot of that about at the moment.


Remember as we walk this path that there is drama all around trying to pull us in and away from our journey. It is not real or have any meaning it is but a distraction from finding your own true power.


This energy will also highlight issues within yourself that you don’t like, you will find yourself getting very hot under the collar about the behaviour of others. This is always a mirror for us, however it can often be subtle and it is easy to ignore, the energy around at the moment will make you see what you are doing, however it is still possible to ignore this if you so choose.


However consider this, it takes more energy to keep the lie going than it does to face your demons and unmasked them. It is such a restrictive and angry way to live.


I also feel pure joy and with this comes acceptance and balance. Allow these energies to work their magic today, see your truth, if you find yourself looking over your neighbours fence at their garden please wind it in and focus on your own garden, there are a million messages and insights there so you don’t want to miss it.


As you find what your truth is, then you are able to begin dreaming, and so you start the creation of your new cycle…..this is a truly magical time, be present!.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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