June 28th Energy



Good Morning, I hope everyone is well, it is going to be a bit of a mixed bag this week depending upon what you need to be doing, if you do find that you are low or anxious then you still have some processing and releasing of the previous cycle, attend to that today if you can before the new moon energy begins to come in towards the end of the week.


We have created the space, we have let go of the past taking only the wisdom and lessons learnt and we have said goodbye with gratitude to the previous cycle. We have allowed ourselves to just be and that will continue today however ideas are beginning to take form, inspiration is starting to hit, motivation is starting to stir. Just allow this to build, don’t go running off and doing just yet, take your time, allow these new feelings to settle in. Something is about to happen but you don’t know quite what it is yet, it is like having a thought on the tip of your tongue, you can feel it but you can’t quite reach it yet. That is fine you have to let these things percolate.


Check your patience levels too, if you feel the need to rush forward with things, you may need to pull your energy back a little and process why you need to do this, it may be a control issue, a need to know. Think of yourself like a little seedling about to push its way through the soil for the first time, this happens slowly and steadily, you cannot force it or help it along the way that would most likely result in damage, as the seedling although strong enough to push through the soil , is still delicate, especially if man handled.


Treat your dreams and plans with care and watch them magically unfold. Signs are everywhere and you will be shown that you are on the right path, or the time to leap, just remain conscious.


So the energy I am feeling most this morning is courage, integrity, wisdom & tenacity, wonderful energy. It can give you the energy to do the right thing, which is incredibly important. We are aiming to create balance and harmony , I am sure you have all heard the saying as above so below, this can apply to a variety of situations. Heaven and Earth being the most popular however it also means how you feel inside and how you express that, both should be in balance, in other words you cannot say one thing and do another.


It is also important to understand that although we are individuals we also impact on each other almost continually, we may not see this but it happens and we have a responsibility to ensure that our impact is as positive as possible or at least not negative in any way. This starts with the most simple of acts such as cleaning up after your dog. It is the right thing to do and it is respectful of all. That one act of leaving your dogs mess or not cleaning up your own rubbish can have far ranging negative consequence, ones that you may be completely oblivious to but is real nonetheless and creates an energetic cycle, that will eventually lead back to you.


We need to look at the attitude I am all right jack or out of sight out of mind. Once we throw our rubbish on the floor, it is no longer our problem as we can’t see it but often the thought doesn’t extend to whose problem is it going to become. The messes we make don’t just disappear on their own just somebody has to take responsibility for it.


It is also important to say what you mean rather than people please, the energy we have around will help you with this, stating your truth or your opinion is not you being rude or mean and it is important, so find you voice.


We should all talk less and do more, there are those that quietly get on with what needs to be done and there are those that talk endlessly about what they are going to do but never actually turn that into action, we don’t have time for this and if this is you, you may find that your friends are disappearing. Don’t take this personally but as a sign that you need to do some work, they may not even know that they are distancing themselves from you it is just that we are all seeking balance and harmony, whether that is conscious or not.


So today and as we move into next week this about dreaming your dreams ready to create the next cycle and being bold enough to step up to the plate and live with integrity and truth. As always we are fully supported and if we allow things to flow you will find yourself exactly where you need to be.


Have a wonderful day  love and laughter Michele xxxxx








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