June 27th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope that you are all well, significant shifts in the energy means that some of you may be feeling inspired, creative and powerful, whilst others may be feeling tired anxious and maybe a little confused.


If you are feeling inspired etc the follow where it leads, this is a time for you to dream your dreams and soon they will become a reality. You are ready to start allowing the building blocks of the next cycle to come into being.  You should also be ready to allow this to flow and resist any temptation to formalise or categorise it, this is not about knowing exactly how and when this is about dreams and expression, you go where it feels good and right.


If however you are feeling more anxious then this is a sign that you need some reflection time, for whatever reason you haven’t taken advantage of the energies of the last week and there is still the need to hang on to past cycles. The anxiety is the result of control issues and the feeling that you are losing that control or everything is running out of control. Stop take some deep breaths and work on releasing whatever is presented to you. If you find that your inner voice is telling you  that you are find and there really is nothing to release, then that is your ego and you most definitely to have something more to release. The more we try to justify things to ourselves, the more we have to hide.


The physical body rarely lies and this is a good sign if something is amiss, we are more likely to stop and listen if something goes wrong with a physicality much more than if something is wrong emotionally or mentally. Also when we have something to attend to and have ignored the subtle signs, the physical body will often break down so that we have no choice.


Listen to your body and your heart but stay out of the mind for now as this will only justify your current state.


We are bringing in the energy of the new moon so this about the new cycles coming in, possibilities are endless so just allow the creative energy to flow.


This is a good time to start a business but you must create this energetically and the first thing you need to do is ask why you are doing this, what is your intention and motivation, what is your end goal. These are important, especially ensuring that you intentions are heart centred rather than mind and ego led. Building the energetic foundations is as important as concrete foundations. Take some time with this you will glad that you did.

This is going to be a mixed week energetically this will depend upon how open and flowing you are. If you find that it is obstacle after obstacle then you need to look at where you are blocking yourself, where are your fears. If you get the occasional stumbling block then this may just be to nudge you back into the right direction, just go with it.


There are going to be uncomfortable periods this week, so breathe, ground and connect into nature as much as you can, you will find your answers, try to avoid turning it into drama, this will only make it worse….in short don’t write a facebook status about it, have a meditation and ask the question instead.


We and the world are in a state of flux at the moment and that is not a bad thing, so fall back and allow the universe to catch you, then just follow your bliss.


If anyone is struggling then please get in touch, we are here for each other, so if you need help just ask…..I walked this path for a reason, so I can shine a light for others.


My skill set has been developing at an amazing rate this year, reflect on how yours has too….the latest that has come in last night is making me giggle, I will hopefully write about it later.


Have a wonderful day, and remember I am here if you need any advice clarification or even if you want to share your story.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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