Life is simple when you love yourself.

Life is simple when you love yourself.

heart hands

Love makes the world go around, Love is the cornerstone of our existence it is the most powerful and abundant energy available to us and the easiest to access. We are all little powerhouses with the capacity to generate never ending love and the key to switching this on, is loving yourself, once you make that connection and move into your heart life becomes very simple indeed.


However as most people live in their minds, love is seen as a holy grail, something that may be seen as a myth or as a quest, searching for something elusive outside of us.  Some don’t even begin the search as they don’t think they are worthy anyway. Not loving yourself puts tremendous pressure on those around you to fulfil that role and leaves you disappointed, frustrated and sad.


Whatever your reasons, not loving yourself complicates life, it creates a void that needs to be filled, a disconnection with life, yourself and others which needs to be rectified and whilst you are looking outside of yourself for the solutions it brings all sorts of complications and drama.


When you love yourself……..


  • You don’t seek validation, approval or acceptance of others, you get all you need from yourself
  • You don’t feel a desperate need to be loved by others as you are in a constant bubble of love, generated from within
  • You don’t feel the need to be understood or have your point of view accepted because you understand and accept yourself and that is all that really matters.
  • You no longer feel the need to attain a specific goal in order to feel worthy or for others to recognise your worthiness. You realise you have all you need in this moment and that happiness is the goal.
  • You are neither elevated nor depressed by the views and opinions of others and can therefore maintain a grounded stability.
  • When you love yourself it is easy to love others and to allow others to love you back.
  • When you love yourself you are Free, Expansive, Bold and Happy and why wouldn’t you be after all you get to hang out with someone every day that you think is pretty awesome.

So start that journey, you’re worth it!

Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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