June 26th 2016 Energy


Good Morning and I hope everyone is well, Today is a rather quiet day energetically although I feel the energy of nostalgia again, step above this energy it is draining. This is generated amongst people and in my eyes has limited use yet it is pervasive, like damp creeping into your body, before you know it you feel generally sad and out of sorts.


The only use it can have is to make you aware of issues from the past that need attention, however allow nostalgia in and you will find that you are not in a good place to deal with these issues.


I also feel the energy of being constrained, restricted and trapped, again this is energy that is sweeping the planet due to issues on the political stage. Outrage disbelief and anger are right up there too. Please unhook from this, this drama is created to disempower you with frustration and fear, don’t be a puppet on a string, if you begin to feel this, go out into nature and ground yourself. Feel that pure and strong energy of the earth and the elements, this is real, this is true.


As things continue to break down on the global political stage it is important that we maintain our grounding but also our sense of humour and you will find this fun and joyful energy around wherever you look. It is light and sparkly and yellow and it fizzes around. It is however subtle and light so you can easily miss it and go for the heavy melancholy and drama instead, again it all depends on your focus or mind-set but remember you can change that in an instant. All that is happening is not the end but the beginning, we need all of this, so don’t worry. You do however need to detach yourself from the drama around it, it is but an illusion.


I know everything will be great not because I know exactly  how this is going to play out but I do see how it fits into the bigger picture and this is all part of the process. It may seem harsh and uncertain and damn right ridiculous at points, especially when we look at events in the UK and USA but don’t hook into the outrage or you may as well be feeding them. You are joining your power with them and feeding them, now that is crazy when you feel the complete opposite I know but that is what you are doing.


Integrity is very important right now and if you are struggling go and walk in a woods or in a park, nature has its own rules of integrity and you can tap into that energy. Understand and connect with your own moral guidelines and then adhere to them, don’t talk the talk without walking the walk. Stand by what you believe in, making sure that it comes from the heart. We are all standing in our power and it’s important to recognise that.


Imagine that you are looking out over two fields, one is quiet and serene, there is an orchard and a pond and some amazing oak trees, as you are looking out your eye is caught by some movement in the other field, a group of people with bright outfits are arriving, you focus in on them, they are unloading things from a van, what is going on you wonder and continue to watch them. More people arrive and there is lots of movement and unpacking. Oh dear an argument seems to have broken out, your heart skips a beat, ohhhh this is quite exciting what is happening. You are mesmerised, this is quite exciting although you have no real idea what is going on….something is and that’s all that matters, as you watch you can’t help but think about what a great story this will be to tell your friends. More commotion, more shouting and pushing and then they pack everything and leave. You are left thinking what was that all about, it all feels a bit of a let down, you aren’t really in the mood to go to the serene field anymore as something feels off, missing, you feel a bit uncomfortable in side, so you head home to tell you friends all about the drama of the field. In the middle of your tale you try and make it more dramatic as you soon realise that you wasted your whole afternoon watching a group of people unpack a van, have an argument and then leave. You don’t feel enriched by this experience and you realise that you just wasted your whole afternoon off getting involved in pointless drama that had nothing to do with you and missed the opportunity to chill out in the grass connecting with nature and resting in your own heart space.


That is how I see drama in the world, we all have the choice of which field we want to connect with……when we decide consciously it is almost always the serene field however how many of you find yourself unconsciously in the field of drama.


Have a wonderful day lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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