June 25th 2016 Energy

June 25th 2016 Energy


Good Morning I hope you are well. The energy shifted last night into a more forward looking energy, it is more active than it has been but not as active as it is going to get.


As I have said before the time between The Summer Solstice and the next new moon would a time of firstly allowing the cycles that ended on  the Solstice to fully release, taking all the dregs with them , recognising and allowing the space that was created and then as we head towards the new moon we would be dreaming, creating our future.


The purpose of the energy over the next week is allow you to dip your toe into your dreams to see if they have any grounding, are they just a dream to spur you on or is it something that you could make your reality?


Do you still want your dreams? We can hold on to dreams for years and years only to find that we are not that person anymore and they really are no longer our dreams.


Are your dreams relevant for right now? Do you have the space right now? Some dreams are for a different time.


Also look at your dreams and whether they are real and attainable, now I don’t mean you need to logical work out how things are going to play out as this is restrictive and will give you the opposite results but you need to see if your dreams are actually an avoidance technique, this happens a lot so it is good to reflect on your dreams over the weekend.


I also feel clarity and perception, so much is going to come clear and into focus over the next week, the fog will clear and what you need to see will be staring you in the face.


I also feel a rather straightforward and pragmatic approach to life, life is very simple, we make it complicated and that is totally unnecessary, the energy around will help you see this but will also tap into your desire for this simplicity.


It is a beautiful weekend energetically to really look around and smell the roses. Although the energy of clarity and understanding is strong it is not a mental energy it is heart felt, the revelations are not of the mind they are of the heart and soul so please do not let the mind take over and start rationalising and obsessing.


When consciously walking your path in the beginning it is easy to become overwhelmed, you realise that the more you know the less you understand, the world becomes more confusing, however keep walking because soon it tips and the more you know the calmer and more grounded you become. The more you know the less things matter and the more balanced you become. Remember though this is a knowing of the heart not the mind.


Have a wonderful weekend, just sit back enjoy nature and allow the dreams to flow, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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