June 24th 2016 Energy

June 24th 2016 Energy


Good Morning, I hope you are all well and sleeping better. I feel a healing energy, it is a light sage green with an emerald fleck, I am not sure what the emerald is but draw this energy in and allow it to heal wherever it is needed. Ahhh the emerald green is for direct heart healing, it is a strong and powerful energy and for many this is greatly needed right now.


I know that there are many of you in pain and feeling broken, allow the energy to do its magic, allow the healing to take place. Know that your guides/family/healers are also with you in spirit, sending their own healing. Get out into nature and take your shoes off and allow that to heal you. Pay attention to your food and allow that to heal you. Spend time with your friends and allow that to heal you but most of all when you feel like contracting, expand even if that is just sitting up straight and breathing deeply.  Also know that this will pass if you allow it and there is always a reason for everything and one day if not now you will see the beauty and magic of that.


We still have the Goddess energy with us from Monday and this is wonderful, we should breath this in as everybody needs a bit of Goddess in them.


The veil is thin and the spirit world is very close, this has been the way since May and I feel it will continue. As above so below, as we draw strength from those around us we can also draw equal strength from our cheering squad in spirit, they are there with you every step of the way. Seriously it isn’t a case of the odd spirit drifting in and out for a look, we all have a team….yea go us! We should recognise this and use this, even if right now you can’t communicate directly with them you can feel them, look out for signs too. They are here to give us strength, wisdom love and support connect into that energy, they are here and they are here with you.


Many changes are occurring within you just allow these changes to take place, you may not understand them and that is fine we don’t need to, have faith and trust in yourself and the universe that everything happens for a reason and you will know when you need to know but the first step is surrender and faith. I don’t know how many times I have closed my eyes  and fallen back into the unknown and I have been caught every time and found myself somewhere amazing but you will never know until you allow yourself to fall back with faith that the universe will catch you.


I also feel the energy of fairness and justice, this one can really trigger people so be prepared if you feel yourself reacting take some time out and breathe. Some of this is universal energy and some of it is due to drama playing out on the world stage. Seriously don’t get pulled along on this one, whether it is Donald Trump, The Eu Referendum or any other global political shim sham.  This is a good thing, sometimes when the people are so outraged by austerity policies or out right facism, then they will unite in a common goal. We are human beings who in their heart love each other dearly, each other is all that really matters, the money wealth and things are just an illusion that could disappear tomorrow, our bond that have with each can never and will never disappear and in times of great hardship and sorrow that bond grows, despite the medias best attempts to turn us against each other, that love will never die because it is who we are, it is our connection, feel that connection today.


Think of it like this, your government is your abusive partner, they are invested in maintaining the status quo as they get their needs met very nicely, to do this they need to ensure that you don’t get strength and perspective from elsewhere, so they will start to turn you against your friends and family, they aren’t good for you, you can’t trust them etc etc until you are isolated, you can’t think clearly, you focus is narrow and restricted and this really does feel like you have no options no alternatives, this is your life. We have all either been in or had a friend who has been in a relationship like this, we know how insidious it is. This is the relationship we have with our governments and those that run things.


See them for what they are and remove your power from them, see them for the manipulative bully they are and turn away. You don’t need to fight them, get them to see your perspective you just need to withdraw your power and turn away. Removing your energy from anything like this reduces its power, then just let nature takes its course. So when you feel justice and fairness, take it in as a stable energy, this is just for you to act on, you don’t need to go on a mission as that is you being triggered, use it to discover what is fair and just for you and make deep changes within.


The overall energy is very strong and steady as it has been all week, we are still releasing the last bit of the cycles from Monday, once the new begins then we will begin looking at plans for the future as we welcome in the new cycles under the new moon.


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxx


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