June 23rd 2016 Energy

June 23rd 2016 Energy


Good morning and I hope you are all well, so my computer is working perfectly normally today and my phone is back on line. For whatever reason yesterday’s post was not to be, this could have been for a variety of reasons but it is not for me to know and I don’t waste time wondering.


When you are flowing in a river and you come across a boulder, you don’t try and move the boulder, you don’t try and flow through it, you go around it, it may change your route slightly but that’s fine, it just means more to see and possibly a different view point.


The energy we have today and that will continue into the weekend is strong stable steady and grounding. This is energy that is active but in a gentle and understated way. More is going on under the surface than above it. Like the duck on a pond all may seem serene on the surface yet a lot of work is going on underneath.


So since Monday we allowed the ending of many cycles and their release from our system. This release continues as we are often left with dregs, like the burnt on bits on your roasting tin, allow these to float up and out. As a result you may find that you get little pockets of emotions or weird feelings, it could be rushes and shivers or strange feelings on your skin, remember these are just pockets let them do whatever they need to do. Releasing from the physical body can be tough and strange, other symptoms include, dizziness lethargy, sickness, spinning, head rush, physical pain, sleeping issues.  Allow these to pass, they should be just for a moment as the energy releases.


So for the rest of this week, just allow the process to happen, you don’t really need to do more than that. Although if you feel you are struggling with a cycle then another fire pit would be good. This is not active in terms of actually doing it is more an allowing.


This is not the time as I have said earlier for bringing in the new yet, you have to completely clear old cycles and have adjusted to this before you can even begin to comprehend what you want to create.


When we remove big cycles it can leave us feeling a little out of sorts or abandoned, you may get feelings of being alone and it may scare you, without these cycles that were done and weighing you down the world is very expansive and that can be scary. Use your breathing to help with this and remain calm what is happening is change but it is good. You may not fully understand it right now but all will become clear.


Now is not the time for extremes, the revelations and understanding that we have gained is awe inspiring, however we do not have a handle on it yet, we have not fully grounded it yet so it can be a disaster waiting to happen if we push ahead, potential wisdom becomes arrogance when not grounded or integrated within your system. Imagine a first year politics student, they have all this knowledge presented to them and they understand about 1% of it in relation to real practical terms as they have little life experience to ground this in, however this 1% feels like 100% to them as they do actually understand 100% more than they did before. So they present they case and understanding with the pompous surety that only a student can.  As this understanding is tenuous and fragile they also need to blinker themselves to an alternative viewpoint and they do not have the grounding to asses this new information in terms of their existing belief. So getting involved in the public arena at this point is foolhardy.


This is a quiet time to just let things happen, over the weekend you will feel more like you again as these new perspectives and new way of being settles. Then as we enter next week it will be time to begin reflecting on what you would like to create now that you have the space.


Creating is a beautiful and satisfying thing, yet few believe it can happen and that we are passive in a life where things happen to us……this is not true we create everything!


I create everything in my life and it is only when I am not consciously aware that it feels like it is being done to me…..Believe….Achieve.


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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