June 21st 2016 energy

June 21st 2016 energy

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Good Morning I hope you are well, how is everyone after last night? If you consciously released and did a fire ceremony or such like, you may feel rather tired today. I know I am, last night after ending my cycles I became very light headed and exhausted so I went to bed and slept solidly.


Today is a gentle day, be active but in a calm and serene way, much can be accomplished but do not push yourself, allow it to flow.


A lot of energy has been removed from our systems, some of this energy we have held close to us for a long time,  a security blanket so it would have felt like a wrench to lose it so you may feel a little bruised and delicate.


Sme cycles have taken a lot of energy to sustain them past their expiry date so you may feel a little light, spaced out and ungrounded. Don’t try and fill this space with anything, just ground and breathe, it will pass.


Some of you will feel supercharged, this is fab but again try and use this energy in a calm serene way, or you risk burning out today.


We are entering a 2 week adjustment period, or a, just being period. We have to take time to allow these cycle endings to filter into our system. We need to feel our way without this baggage or restrictions, we need to get accustomed to the feelings. We need to do all this before we begin thinking about what we would like in the next cycle.


We have changed physically spiritually mentally and emotionally and this is a big thing, so allow the changes to settle , recognise them and embrace them. If you feel the need to do further releasing then please embrace it, we often leave little dregs behind.


The next couple of weeks, enjoy the space, allow the healing, embrace your connection with nature, it is there to continue to help with your healing.


Think of it like a building site, you have just demolished the outdated high rise flats and you are waiting for the dust to clear to be able to see the cleared land that you have to work with. You are clearing up the debris ready for construction to begin in a couple of weeks.


Enjoy this time, be in the moment, be mindful and just be.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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