June 20th 2016 Energy – Full Moon Summer Solstice

June 20th 2016 Energy – Full Moon Summer Solstice

solstice full moon

Good Morning I hope everyone is well. The energy this morning is beautiful, it has a rich balanced feeling to it. It feels strong and stable, safe and secure. It feels comforting and nurturing. It feels bold and courageous but in a very quiet and understated way. This energy is not the excited unpredictability of youth but wise and experienced.


The veil is also very thin and spirits are all around, I was greeted this morning by two old friends and several family members, it is a happy and joyful day. Your psychic abilities are high today, reach out, journal, say what you see.


This is a day of love and honour, we must honour ourselves, our land, each other and every single elemental that are guardians of our sacred world.


Today we honour the sacred wisdom that is in all of us and we allow it to flow.


Today we open our hearts and just be, in balance and harmony with all that is.


This is a day of balance and harmony, allow this in, allow it to influence your world.


As the solstice and the full moon express themselves together, uniting in complete harmony and balance draw this in. This is a day to bring this balance within.


Feel into this energy today, it really is beautiful and allow it to restore you.


Remember this is also about the ending of cycles, take time today to release these cycles physically, burn paper, throw stones into water…..whatever takes your fancy but make it physical today, can you see that by doing this it not only brings energy into physical matter but also it takes feminine energy….thoughts and intuitions and makes it masculine…action.


So whatever you do today, honour the balance of the feminine and the masculine….remember we are in the new paradigm not of either or but of all.

Have a wonderful day, this energy is fabulous….what we do today will affect the months to come.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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