Readings and your life path

Readings and your life path

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I stopped giving readings outside of the therapy setting a few years ago, the reason being I found people were becoming addicted to readings and rather than it inspiring them to consciously walk their path it was validating that the information they sought was outside of them.


However , I have recently given a few readings and found that the energy has shifted significantly, my readings become validations of what you already knew, giving you the inspiration and confidence to develop your own gifts and intuition, to plant you firmly on your path.


It is the same reason that I am coming back into teaching, the energy has shifted, people are willing to commit to their path, to develop their own skills and I have plenty of tools in my bag to share.


So I am offering readings in person and via skype ….these will be related to where you are on your path and the energies around you, the direction you are going in and any issues that may present themselves, it will look at your souls purpose and the lessons that are being presented and learned. I can see any cycles that are ending and will help you step back and see the bigger picture.

As many of you will know I can be very direct in readings, there is no judgement but I can often see directly into the core of the issue and my job is present this to you. I am a catalyst and as such you will find your energy shifting after a reading and then it is up to you.


I often do a general reading and then we can focus on a particular issue.  If you would like to know more information then please do not hesitate to contact me, or if anyone has had a reading or a session with me and would like to add anything please do. I charge £30 per session.


Don’t forget our open day on Saturday 8th July in Lowestoft 11-2, 2 Deep Dale Lowestoft NR33 8TU where I am happy to chat with you about anything. It would be so lovely to meet those who have been so supportive of the Enlightenment Project, especially those that stay in the background, you may not say anything or even like it but I feel you.

We have some wonderful energy on this page and that is down to you.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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