June 19th 2016

June 19th 2016

blue moon

Good Morning I hope everyone is well. We have some more active energy coming in today which is moving forward the reflective energy of yesterday. This is also going to increase some of the effects of the full moon energy.


In my experience the full moon energy will affect us in different ways depending upon our current state of being, so you can use this to see what you may need to do or not.


The full moon brings high energy levels, this energy goes to the core of you and brings the unseen into the light, it is an energy that works its magic unseen but can have deep and profound affects.

It is a feminine energy that taps into our intuitive abilities and amplifies them. There are a lot of spirits on the earth at the moment see if you can use this energy and your own to communicate with them.  Tomorrow will be a day where we are all united, the seen with the unseen, male and feminine, above as below. It will be a day of unity, love an expression.


Both the full moon and the solstice energy is about expression, expressing yourself, your heart and soul, to its fullest extent. This is not about a little wooo is this about standing on your chair and letting out a Whoop Whoop. Drop all the restraints and express who you are it is the most amazing experience.


However if you restrain yourself you will feel the moon energy as a sense of panic, losing control, lunar is where lunatic comes from.  This rising energy inside you is not a bad thing, and you won’t lose control but you will feel free.


So many people have a filter over everything they do that says….stop what will people think? Consciously replace that with what do I think/feel and I bet you will feel this is awesome.


The one thing that people want more than anything is to truly be themselves and have other people see this and not condemn it, therefore when they see someone unashamedly and exuberantly be themselves they are attracted to it, they may appear grumpy or critical but inside they applaud it and want it. Also being yourself is natural and honest, more attractive qualities.


It is hard to make that leap however you can use the energies around at the moment to help you, to give you the courage to just be you and then express that. In a world of duplicity and deceit, honesty in all forms is like an island of hope and highly desired.


Use this energy to release cycles that you are holding deep within, cycles that no longer serve. If you allow it this energy is transformative , it works powerfully and deeply but gently, think of it like your mother holding you as she bathes your cut knee as a child.


If you find that this energy is making you feel hyper or a little crazy then sit and breathe, calming your whole system down. Then ask what is presenting itself to you for release, this usually means there is an imbalance within that is working its way to the surface but your ego is fighting this….the two wolves within are fighting.


Today is also a good day to feel the masculine and feminine within, the aim over the next few days is to unite these elements, or at least start the process, honour both within and recognise the beauty of both.


It is also important to ground or you will find yourself floating around like a helium balloon in a storm, respect the energies they are powerful indeed.


Have a wonderful day Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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