Cycles of Life

Massive cycles are coming to an end and new ones beginning…..recognise it and allow it!


The last few months have been pretty intense for everyone, an 18 year cycle was coming to a close which meant great change for everyone but at the same time it meant the past coming into our present for final release. We were in that hinterland between the past and the future, both seeming to occupy the same space, it often felt contradictory and out of sorts but in fact the Universe was working with us in amazing synergy.

When a cycle completes it is an ending, this can mean physical death, being made redundant, getting divorced etc but the actual theme of the cycle is about your personal development, it can be a cycle of learning.

Think of a cycle like being in school, you are taking a history class, it is going to take 2 years to complete this class, during that time you will be presented with information and points of view, you will be asked to analyse and critique this and see how it fits with your existing belief structures. You will then begin to integrate this new information, broadening your understanding and awareness. You will be periodically tested and have problems thrown at you to solve, with your new understanding. Sometimes it will be fun and sometimes you will want to throw the towel in but you take it one day at a time and eventually you find yourself at Graduation day.

You are a very different person to the one two years ago, who looked at the text books and saw only gobbledegook. So you take this knowledge, this wisdom and move onto the next chapter the next cycle, leaving your history class behind. This is an important point, once we have completed the cycle we bring with us only the knowledge and the wisdom we leave everything else behind, the petty arguments or perceived injustices we had with others just fades into the ether

So for example an 18 cycle could have the theme of owning your power. During this 18 year period you will be presented with people and events that push you to look deep within for the answers and strength. To see where your power lies and that it is completely up to you what you do with it. You will experience all aspects of power whether you learn from that or not is up to you. You will find yourself in situations where someone is making you feel powerless, an abusive boss or controlling partner, you may feel that no one cares about your feelings but all you do is care about others. You will also experience the flip side, times when you have abused your power, this can be subtly via manipulation etc but the energy is still the same and we ALWAYS experience both sides, it is the only way to achieve balance, the key is to allow our minds to recognise this side of ourselves. It is why we look at people quite shocked sometimes when they are openly criticising someone for something they blatantly do themselves. An unbalanced ego will not allow any negative view of the self.

With the final class comes the understanding that ALL of this can change as nobody can take our power only we can give it away. As we leave this cycle behind we stand here completely different from the person that took that first step on this journey all those years ago, yet we are more our self than we have ever been.

Now that seems quite simple however we have a great capacity to turn away from lessons, which is why they start softly and if we don’t pay attention they end up like a ten tonne truck crashing through our living room wall.

A cycle will always come to an end but we don’t always graduate and this does have ramifications. You can of course come to your own revelations outside of the cycles but if you don’t these lessons will come round again. This is here to help us not punish us, welcome the lessons, learn all you can.

So think about the cycles you have just completed and that although the endings may have seemed harsh at times they were in fact a natural ending and really quite positive pushing you forward into a new lighter and brighter cycle.

Also as you start to look closer at these cycles of learning it is fascinating to see how they overlap and interconnect with others, an ending for one can be another’s beginning….the energy just keeps on flowing.

This was first posted in October but I felt it relevant for today, in preparation for tomorrow.

Lots of love and laughter to you all Michele xxxxx


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