WORK FOR THE WEEKEND Call on the elements to help you release!

Call on the elements to help you release!
hands of enlightenment
Working with nature and the elements is paramount, it’s like getting a super power boost, so why wouldn’t you.
To help you with releasing the old cycle get the elements involvedbso for example you have been reflecting and see that you have had a pattern of behaviour which shows that you like to control situations as it makes you feel safe, this is limiting behaviour so needs to be released, using your processing techniques you get to the root of the issue and you are ready to release.
Now we do need a little help here as when we release we need to do it on the emotional the mental the physical and the spiritual levels to ensure all is gone, this is where the elements help.
So if you chose fire, you build a fire pit or an open fire of sorts, you write down all the aspects that you are ready to release, you can write it on paper, you could write it on a stick, the more time you spend on this the better. You could decorate the stick bringing in other elements, just go with what you feel.
You would then take each aspect in turn visualising that you are offering it up to the elements to be recycled and returned back to source energy. Remember energy cannot be destroyed and these aspects that you are releasing are energy, so it needs to be recycled. As you offer it up you need to feel gratitude, you are thankful for how this energy has served you in the past, how it has protected you etc but now it is no longer needed, now it needs to return to source, where of course it can transform into an energy that is more beneficial to your system as a whole and then it would be welcomed back but for now this cycle is over and so is the need for that particular energy. So with grace and gratitude you return it to source. You would throw the stick or paper into the fire, as the flames consume it, it is transformed.
If water is your thing you could take pebbles and write down the aspects your are releasing and throw them in the sea, again taking time with each stone, to full release with grace and gratitude. The sea/water like fire is very transformational and consuming.
Another action you could take is to write the aspect on the shore line in the sand and watch the next wave wash it away. I often talk about the spaces in between and the places of high alchemical process, when one state changes into another, sunrise and sunset for example and the shoreline, where water meets earth. If you want to make it even stronger then you could do this ritual at the beach at sunrise.
For the next couple of days we need to practise alchemy and work on transformation because Monday is all about unity and balance.
The theme for many will be the balancing of the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. Embrace all. Many years ago I experienced the death of my masculine and feminine aspects, at the time I thought I was actually dying physically, it was an intense time. However it was a beautiful thing and has allowed me to move on my path of unity and bliss.
We have to let these things go, there is nothing we need to protect us but love.
So reflect and process over the weekend, do this actively and consciously, Yes we process stuff at night in our dreams but that is not enough, you active conscious participation is needed. Take responsibility, make a commitment and go for it. Then come Monday you can fully release that old cycle and welcome in the new….for now don’t worry what the new is just be open to all possibilities with faith and trust that it will be exactly what you need.
Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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