June 18th 2016 Energy

June 18th 2016 Energy


Good Morning, I hope everyone is well. Apologies for the late post, we had another storm here last night and when that happens I sleep really deeply.


There has been a drop in the active levels of the energy today, this means that the energy is reflective, however just be aware that sometimes we can interpret these drops as sadness. After an active week we can feel like the wind has gone out of our sails and maybe something is wrong but we don’t know what. This however is not the case, we need to reflect and this energy helps us look inward.


We are not actually feeling sensitive or vulnerable but it may feel a bit like that, the reason, to get us to be alone and to look back. We cannot do this when we are surrounded by people or are focused outward. Feel into this energy today and notice the difference in how you may have interpreted this energy.


There are many more energies than we have labels for, we is why we sometimes misinterpret the subtleties, it’s why I see energy as colour, taste smell, motion appearance vibrancy, the way it interacts with us etc. It is always good to check in a variety of ways than assume, getting ot know energy can be as complicated as getting to know your own emotions but they are both so worth it.


So the energy is very reflective and the reason is Monday, Monday is the day that we get to release the old cycle, this is a big cycle and a big opportunity, you really don’t want to miss it. So use this energy wisely today, even if it brings up stuff you would rather stay forgotten, even if it makes you cry, even if it makes you nostalgic and a little dissatisfied, .


Look at it like this….your garden is full of toys and rubbish, on Monday you are having a BBQ, you have a day off today and this is your opportunity to clear you garden ready for the party. Now it is up to you whether you take an hour and do a cursory toy collection, or whether you really go for it , sorting the toys, dumping the broken, donating the old and storing the useful, ensuring clean and working. You could then tackle the weeds but be sure to really dig down to get those roots. If you are going to do it, do it properly, that way only maintenance is needed to keep your garden beautiful.


This is your opportunity, your gift from the Universe, your time to be part of this awesome event and to truly be part of the Ascension process that is going on, in the world right now.  But you have free will, and although everything can be presented to you, you can be provided with the right tools for the job and you can be in the right place at the right time but YOU still need to accept it or reject it, you either do something about it or you turn and look the other way.


When you move house the last thing you do is a sweep of the house to check that you have everything, it is the same thing you do on the last day of your holiday…..do this over the weekend, what are taking and what are you leaving behind. Do this consciously!


I cannot underestimate how awesome this opportunity is, please don’t miss it.


I will try and post up some hints and tips but in the meantime if you have any questions concerns or if you would like to share your own processing techniques or experiences then we would welcome that.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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