Ending of cycles: 20th June

Ending of cycles:


Life is a mass of cycles, some short some long, some isolated and others intricately connected. Some cycles are for learning and others are just marking a period of time, absolutely everything is a cycle.


Cycles begin and cycles end, within each cycle are valuable lessons and life experiences. Cycles show us that life is fluid and changeable and we need to flow with this.


If we look back to the cycle that was our childhood, we are not the child that we were then but the child then is part of who we are today. If we allow that cycle to end, taking the lessons learned then we enter adult hood balanced. Many still cling on to this cycle, once you recognise this you can release it.


Another cycle is one that suits for a particular time period only.


Maybe you had a job for 15 years in your local shop, it didn’t fulfil you directly emotionally, mentally or spiritually however it was perfect for your needs at the time. It allowed you be home for your children when they needed you, it paid the bills and didn’t stress you out in anyway. It was perfect for that cycle. Therefore it met your needs and allowed you to be fulfilled on all levels indirectly by giving you time with your children and financial security. However once the children have left home or don’t need you there so much you are still in that job. Now the fact it does not fulfil you on all levels becomes an issue and this can show itself in a variety of ways. However you have had this job for 15 years it feels it’s all you know, what else could you do? you feel a bit inadequate and afraid. You convince yourself that it’s ok , it pays the bills and besides you can’t afford to quit and you really don’t have time to look for something else.


This cycle has come to its natural end however you are not allowing it to end, it will become more uncomfortable until it ends by itself. You will then find yourself out of a job or ill and it will feel a bit of a shock.


Another cycle is when relationships come to an end, often people try and hold on to them but just because they have ended does not devalue them. Many of our relationships can be intense and short lived and some we can hold on to way past their sell by date. Just let people flow in and out of your life, we are in each others lives for a reason. It can be support, validation, strength, love, lessons, all sorts of things, some are life long our journeys entwined and others for a week or a year. The time span is irrelevant really, when we flow we are with who we need to be with in that moment and we should be grateful for that.


We can also have cycles that are about states of being, we hear stories of millionaires or high powered business people giving it all up and living a simple life, people say they have had a breakdown etc but this is someone who understood that cycle of their life had ended and a new cycle began. As we start each new cycle afresh it can appear nothing like and in fact a contradiction of the last cycle, people try to understand to rationalise but it is simple, that cycle and all that came with has ended, all that needed to be learned and experienced was, so its over.


The key is noticing when these cycles come to an end. Signs that you are holding on to an old cycle are feelings of frustration, anger, resentment, nostalgia, anxiety.


The first thing I always do is tackle it energetically. If we deal with things on an energetic level the physical manifestation follows.


By recognising the cycle and seeing how it fits into the bigger picture, we are able to see the cycle as a whole. Our wider perspective allows us to see this cycle is no longer needed.


When we release a cycle we give gratitude for the lessons learned, gratitude for the experiences gained and we release it all with grace. With the understanding that it is done, gone, physically and energetically, its purpose has been served and is no longer required in any form. We are then able to turn fresh into the new cycle.


This is what is so special about this weekend and Monday in particular we are being supported and given the opportunity to release these cycles.


This is my plan for the next few days……


Today and tomorrow I am reflecting and making a list of the cycles that have ended this year and any others that present themselves to me. I am allowing this process to unfold, acceptance is important.


Monday is The Summer Solstice, a great day for alchemy as it is the mid point of the year, the pinnacle of the sun. It is the highest expression of the sun which at the same time with the rare full moon this year,  the highest expression of the moon, the male and the female elements are in perfect balance at their highest energy and for me it is also my birthday which is my new years day, a new cycle. So a powerful day all round and perfect for releasing those old cycles.


I will be writing down the cycles that have ended for me and throwing them in the fire pit on Monday with love gratitude and grace, by doing this I am bringing the energy into the physical and that is important.


Take time this weekend, it is an awesome opportunity and you will be glad you did.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx





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