June 20th Full Mon & The Summer Solstice


full moon solstice.png

Monday 20th June is a very special day and one that we have been preparing for all year. As you look back over the past 6 months you should be able to see a pattern or a process. Like chess pieces on board, when we have important celestial events and gateways like this, we are gently manouvered around the board to get us in position and ready to take full advantage of the energies etc available.


Monday is about us coming into alignment with the new paradigm. We have been getting to know ourselves, who we really are and much of this is related to balancing the feminine and masculine within us. This is going to be extremely powerful on Monday, when the moon is full and the sun is expressing itself at its fullest too, this is perfect balance and harmony.


The Solstice is a time when once cycle ends and we welcome in the next, we give thanks and gratitude to what came before but now is the time to turn our back on that and look forward to a new and different cycle.


On this day you too will be a full expression of who you are as you move into the next and beautiful cycle in your life.


It is important to consciously celebrate this day , even if it is just to yourself but it is important, otherwise you could stay on autopilot and miss this opportunity, bringing with you the past cycle, if you do this then nothing will have changed.


For me this day is also my birthday and it will be magical and I plan to take full advantage of all the energies available, this is another cycle ending for me but also further development of my mystical abilities…..nothing is a coincidence and once we realise this then we can  gain the most out of life. Looking back I can see the process that has got me to this point……you should try this too!


So my plans will be a fire, meditations, gratitude and honouring, gifts for myself and the universe and dreams….as well as music, dancing and food….what are your plans for this magical day!


Spend some time thinking about what this day means for you and how you would like to express yourself, then be bold and do it.


I am thinking of doing a guided meditation for you to follow for Monday, if I can’t record it, I might write it and then you can record it yourselves as this is a gateway not to be missed.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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