June 17th 2016 Energy

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Good Morning , I hope you are all well. So how is everyone feeling? We are moving towards a very special event and the energy we have coming in at the moment reflects this.


This morning the energy is much more playful and fun, can you feel a tremor of excitement in the air? There is a giggle behind every-bodies lips today just waiting to come out.


Feel into this energy today but don’t confuse excitement with anxiety, these are two very similar feelings and if our lives have more anxiety than excitement then we would interpret it as anxiety but this is not the case today or as we move towards the solstice on Monday.


We may get memories of our youth or maybe when our children were young as reminders to go back to the simple things but also to tap back into our child- like imaginations. I saw a video recently showing children playing let’s pretend and it reminded me that we were totally absorbed and convinced by our imaginations as children, the perils of the shark infested waters, of our bedroom floor,  were totally really and we did not for one second doubt it nor did we feel foolish, it was perfectly acceptable behaviour…..yet as adults we have shut down this ability and feel stupid if we try, get back to that, it is through our imaginations that we create our reality. So if we limit our imagination we get a limited life, which is what most people are living.


This energy really is delightful, it is time to lighten up and stop taking yourself and life so seriously, the world will always continue to spin no matter what you do, so don’t stress.


We have some awesome inspirational energy too, time to take a chance, make that leap and do what makes your heart sing, don’t think about it, just follow your heart and nothing can go wrong.


This really is a rather magical week, so much is coming into alignment and it is also culmination of the work we have been doing this year. I will write a separate report about Monday, the full moon and the summer solstice.


The energy we have coming in at the moment is Gemini energy, think of the friends you have who are gemini, they are charming, social butterflies, communicative, risk takers, funny, spontaneous, they are also chamelians, they understand that we are multi faceted and can appear differently in different situations, this is not a duplicitous thing, this is embracing all that it means to be us.

Gemini’s leap before they look with trust that all will be awesome. So take this energy to heart and let yourself go a little or a lot.


Feel into the full moon energy, I love the full moon, it can make some feel a little crazy, its where the term Lunatic comes from however look at this slightly differently. The full moon urges us to loosen the controls or the restraints, when we try and hold on to this, is when we feel we are losing control and we can panic. Let go and go with the flow of this awesome energy, who knows where you will end up, somewhere magical no doubt but whatever happens the world will keep turning so release your fears.


If you have children get down and play with them, on their level in their world. Let your children or grandchildren teach you today and over the weekend.


We have been releasing and ending cycles, we have been getting to know who we are, on Monday we have the opportunity to end a very big cycle and start afresh, are you ready to wipe the slate clean and jump into the unknown, or will you keep the familiar past close?  Think about it as you go through your day…….you have a world of fun and magic out there within your grasp, this is world you knew so well once but we were all in such a hurry to grow up. But we didn’t grow up we grew sideways and put ourselves in a box. If we grew up then we would touch the stars and everyone knows how magical stardust is.


So today and over the weekend get back in touch with magical wonder of your inner child and don’t apologise for it.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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