June 16th 2016 Energy


flower 2

Good Morning, I hope you are well, sleeping is still going to be an issue for some as we head towards the weekend but by Sunday I do see a shift in the energy.


The predominant energy I feel this morning is nurturing caring energy, a well-being energy. Take note of how you feel today, what comes up for you, these will be areas that you will want to look at. Take the energy today as a bit of an MOT for you and anything that comes needs addressing.


So for example maybe your knees are painful today, sit and ask what can I do about this and just wait for the answer to present itself. You may get a feeling that you need a supplement, maybe it is more exercise, maybe you need to eat less of one food or more of another. It could be a variety of things but the important part is not to have an expectation, don’t think you already know the answer, just get in the flow and let it present itself.


We do not need to just accept any illness or ailment is with us for life, when we learn to connect with all our bodies and open a dialogue with them we can give them what they need bringing back balance and optimum performance of our system. This energy today is here to help us to that, so take advantage.


Keep this energy with you when you prepare and eat your meals today, how do you feel, does your body welcome this or reject it, stay conscious and in the moment…..start that dialogue.


Take 10 minutes today to just sit outside quietly, close your eyes and imagine yourself stood in front of you, take some time to just look, then introduce yourself and take it from there.


Today is a great day to get to know you, the energy is calm stable and grounding. Whatever healing needs to take place be consciously aware of this and ask what you can do.


However keep this directed at yourself and not at others,  the energy being generated at a human level this morning is all about cowardice, or the perception of cowardice, this is a very complicated energy, especially for those with strong masculine energy. It can often cause emotion to over -ride reason. Try and stay out of this and if you feel someone is pushing your buttons walk away and then process later.


I also feel the energy of judgement (again humanly generated)  but then it is always here and I think most people feel it too.  Do not judge and do not hook into the judgements of others, whether about you or other people. Be consciously aware of this energy and step out of it. Judgement like this is a little bit addictive, it can make you feel sure, in control, powerful, it is an illusion that allows you not to look within…..judgement of others allows you to feel, it’s ok I know what I am doing I have totally summed that person up I know what they are doing and why and what they need to do….the fact that you have you no idea what you are doing and why and what you need to do next totally escapes you.


Learn the difference between judgement and discernment, we have to pay attention to the subtle nuances, look to the fine detail rather than the broad brush strokes, it makes the world of difference.


Oh this really is a wonderfully magical world and it is so different from the last, can you see it and feel it? We have had so many changes over the last few years but none so great as this year and particularly since May 4th/5th. Sit and reflect over the weekend what changes have occurred for you, whether that is your thought processes, your physicality or location, your circumstance. Make a physical list of what has changed for you and I bet you will be surprised.


Bring life into your conscious awareness and a whole new world will open up.


Have a wonderful day and you know where I am if you need me, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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