June 15th 2016 Energy


Good Morning, I hope everyone is well. The grounding energy has lifted and I can feel Hope, this is a pure and brilliant energy, it almost seems as though it has no colour and it comes as single thread, as that is all that is needed, this is a very powerful energy.


Hope will lift you and restore some of the zest for life that seems to have been seeping from so many people’s lives. Life is not something to survive, the day is not something to get through, if you have been feeling like this then tap into this energy today, really sit with it and breathe it in. It is time to really live each moment, to live your life.


Whatever dark times you may be going through, reach out for this energy and know that it will pass, if you take full responsibility for your path and your place on it then you can move forward. This is not your whole life, this is just a part of it and if you keep walking you will walk through it and come out the other side. So for you hope is the candle in the dark room, it is here to help and to remind you if the great joy that is out there.


I can also see a lilac feathery energy, I am not too sure what it is, but it brings up images of afternoon tea and croquet. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it energy related to acting with integrity, being the best you, that you can be and being authentic.


I can also see an energy that is related to structure and ceremony, although it is always good to shake things up and not have too much of a routine…….routine often puts you in to auto pilot and pulls you away from conscious living, there are certain routines or rituals it is good to adopt. A daily meditation routine is essential and I noticed with some of the unsettled energies recently that those with a daily meditation schedule are less affected by the turbulence. Even if you can only manage 10 minutes per day, it is important.


Impeccability that is the word I was looking for with the lilac energy…..be impeccable!


Ahhhhh and in swoops Love, there appears to be meditations all around the world yesterday and now that are sending wave upon wave of love across the planet, send your love out there too! Feel the love today too, this is beautiful.


So a rather lovely day to be had for all, of course most of you are still releasing and processing so there are going to be moments of feeling uncomfortable, or feeling of loss etc but recognise these feeling and sensations for what they are, rather than holding on to them and making it the theme of your day.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are struggling at all, xxxxx


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