June 14th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope that everyone slept better. These periods of healing can soothe some and disrupt others depending upon the healing taking place; For example if you have some stuff to release or that needs to be brought into your conscious awareness you may have a restless night, those that are undergoing some physical healing would be more likely to sleep heavily.


So we have woken this morning to a rather heavy energy, it feels a bit like a blanket has been pulled over the world, this is grounding energy and we all need it. Feel into it, allow it to draw your energy into the ground anchoring it deep within.


When dogs have social anxiety they wear thick blanket coats and this makes them feel safer, this is what the energy feels like today.


Being grounded is very important and often overlooked, it is fun being up there connecting with the universe or flying around with the energy feeling super hyped up but not being grounded also causes you to feel disconnected, anxious and afraid. Also by being grounded you are helping the planet and each other , when we are grounded we draw universal energies into the earth for the benefit of Gaia and Us.


There is also a lot of fear excitement and anger being whipped up on the Global stage via the media, please take everything you see and hear with a pinch of salt and ask yourself, is this true for me? When you are grounded it silences all the chatter around you, all the manipulation, you are able to stay true to you and know what is right for you.


When we are not grounded we are like a helium balloon floating around at the whim of the wind.


Now is also not the time to be distracted, when your buttons are getting pushed you are not objective or calm, you are at the mercy of your emotions, when someone is pushing your buttons they are the puppet master and you are the puppet.  So step back and take a look at some of the stories being fed to by the media, however they may come, then ask yourself how is that pushing buttons and what would be the purpose.


Imagine it this way, a high school class have to get into 4 teams and design a bridge, the teacher however decides to secretly push the buttons of 3 teams, one of which have the brightest and most able students. Now you can push people’s buttons quite easily causing people to react in a few ways….with anger, fear, frustration or love.  Emotional manipulators have been doing this for years, get someone to react emotionally and you will always win as they lose all rationality and perspective. The team that was left to work together, without distractions won, regardless of ability, they were able to form a team and work as a cohesive unit.


Now what would the world leaders do if the world came together as a cohesive unit?


This energy today is a gift, it is your responsibility to remain grounded so that you can remain objective, so that we can all work together as a cohesive unit. So don’t worry about what your neighbour is doing, your only concern is am I grounded, am I seeing the bigger picture and each day step back a little more so that you can see even more.


Feel how this energy makes you part of something, can you feel the comfort and strength in that. We can all fly amongst the stars but we live here and although we draw inspiration from the heavens we need to bring that back to earth for the benefit of all.


So today get to know this peaceful grounding energy, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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