June 12th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope everyone is well. The predominant energy I feel this morning is objective, a calm distant energy. It is quite subtle and took me a few moments to connect in. At first I couldn’t identify anything at all.


This energy helps with our perception and our eureka moments, it removes the emotion that can often cloud our judgement and lets us see clearly.


Many decisions and plans can be made today and they should hit target but first allow this energy to settle in.


Your perspective should widen today, especially if you get outside and really draw in the energy, also just allow it to flow. If you come up with an idea or inspiration give it space to breathe, if you get a sudden flash of insight into a situation don’t let your mind shut it down allow it to present itself to you…..especially if you don’t want it to.


We had a lot of healing energy in last night so you may be feeling a little spaced out today, don’t worry about it , good things happened last night and you should notice the effects as you go through the week.


Today is also a good day to draw in the energy of Peace, it is a beautiful energy and peace on earth is abundant. If we draw it in and feel it settle in our heart then we can boom it outward. Bring peace to your household today and then feel it expand throughout your neighbourhood.



I can also feel the energy of truth, now this is related to your truth and what may be true to you may not be someone else’s reality. So this energy is for your information only, it is there to open your eyes to a situation that may not be all that it seems to be.


It is for you to find what your truths are as they can hold you strong and steady when those around you are trying to knock you down.

It is not for you to impose on others and if you feel yourself doing this, that this is the ultimate truth, then take a step back and look at what you are trying to control and what you are fearful of.


So just allow today to unfold, your main role today is to observe, you have taken a step back and now is time to see what is really in front of you.


Take note of all today and just allow it…..you will be glad of this new perspective in the weeks to come.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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