Two Worlds one physical location

Two Worlds one physical location

two worlds

The world isn’t falling apart and descending into chaos, it is splitting. Those who are and have awakened will walk the path of enlightenment moving into the new paradigm and the new reality becoming happier, calmer, more compassionate & understanding. Those that choose not to awaken will remain in the last paradigm. As a result they will become angrier, more controlling & intolerant, more sexist racist and bigoted in general. Controlling people losing control, we all know about that.

At present we all share the same space physically but energetically we are poles apart and this will become more noticeable as we continue.

So don’t fall into fear at your perceived state of the world, this is all good and just as it should be. Also don’t fear who is awakening and who is not, this is not your responsibility and remember someone can awaken in a second and then everything changes. Everybody has the ability to awaken and sometimes we just need to give them the space to do this.

The ONLY thing we can do is lead by example and trust me when you are walking your path consciously people will come to you and ask….what is it about you, what is your secret, when they want to learn more, and then it is time to teach/explain.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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