June 11th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and another beautiful day, the stable calm energy continues today although I feel some healing energy coming in, wounds need to be healed. Allow this energy in, healing is good and sometimes we don’t even know we need it.


If we were hurting physically the way that we are sometimes in pain emotionally mentally or spiritually then we would do something about it, it would be too awful or shocking to look at and everyone would agree a trip to the hospital was necessary. We don’t treat emotional pain or damage the same way.


So the energy this weekend is here to help us heal all bodies. This may leave you tearful or exhausted, or it may make you feel like you are rocket fuelled, or lighter than air….just go with it, it all depends on what you are healing. Remember though to go with the flow and not lock any state down. You could feel as though some one has drained all your energy one minute and then feel full of beans the next, just go with it over the next couple of days.


A lot of the pain can be caused by the revelations we have about our own behaviour, when we are not consciously walking our path and ego is in control we act in ways determined by our inner baggage and our external triggers. Reacting in this way can mean we act in angry, aggressive, mean and selfish ways; these actions are then often hidden from us due to our own lack of awareness. So when we become aware of them due to our processing and expanding conscious awareness we are hurt upset and ashamed that we acted in that way that we did that……the shame can sometimes be too much and we shut it down, locking in the pain or we start to hate ourselves. Forgiveness is the key but it is hard to forgive yourself and let it go, the energy coming in is going to help with this.

Allow it’s gentle, soothing energy to work its magic today, you deserve to be healed. Although I don’t sense the energy of forgiveness coming in you can generate your own, take some time to reflect on the beautiful energy and gift that is forgiveness. It is one of the most beautiful and heart centred energies I know and it is the most transformative.


When you first see the energy of forgiveness it is almost easy to overlook, it appears so subtle yet it is so powerful, apply it to yourself and others, we all have someone in our lives that we have to forgive….they don’t even need to know but your heart does.


Acceptance Forgiveness & Love…the most beautiful liberating trio…as always apply to yourself first and then to everyone else.


So allow this beautiful healing energy in today, Once you have healed any issues with the revelations you have had over the last month or so and deeper issues if needed, then you will be ready for the next step on your path. We are heading towards a rather intense awesome and amazing Solstice and we are all being prepared for that, or at least we are being given the opportunity, as always it is up to us whether we grab that opportunity or not.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


If anyone is struggling with forgiveness, then please get in touch I have lots of hints and tips…


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