Have your dreams come true and have you noticed ?

Have your dreams come true and have you noticed ?


We have left a paradigm where we were constantly searching and seeking, the answers lay within but the we were conditioned to look without, therefore the search did not yield fruit and the search continued .


We are living in a paradigm where our dreams come true because we create them, the trick is knowing what your dreams really are and then having the trust and faith that they will appear.


So what happens when our dreams come true….it feels great but also very weird and there needs to be a conscious adjustment period where you let go of the past expectations. To stop searching when it has been your focus for so long feels off. You may feel a little lost and maybe a little abandoned, that feeling of ok so what now.  Or you may not have even noticed, just another experience checked off the list and you have moved on to the next goal.


What now is to just be, to experience that moment and this is tough, when we have been taught and then lived a life with our focus on the horizon it is hard to see the value of the moment and to stay in it but with attention and practice you can and then you will experience life in a rich detail you never could have imagined.


So bring yourself firmly into the present and observe, are you already living your dream and you just need to shift your perception from the horizon to the now. You can do this by spending 5 or  10 minutes just sitting and observing everything that your senses sense….with no explanation no expectation  just immerse yourself in everything that is presented to you.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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